Hunting Trip Cancelled

We’ve been pleasantly busy. Well, I’ve been pleasantly busy. Andy has been busy and I believe he enjoys what he’s doing, I just know he is worn out. So much so that he had a breakout of the shingles this weekend. He was supposed to go hunting/camping with our boys this weekend but due to the extensive raining in the hunting grounds, and subsequent flooding, they canceled their trip. Despite the shingles, Andy really was going to go anyway, I think it was a tender mercy that their trip was flooded out so that he was forced to stay home and get much needed rest. Andy is pretty amazing with his ability to juggle work (starting at his alarm going off at 3 AM), to playing with the boys when he gets home (around 5-6 PM) and then church meetings. I feel pretty blessed to be married to such a hard worker who loves his kids so much. I was able to get away for a couple of hours on Saturday for our Relief Society’s Souper Saturday. It was a nice diversion. Love the kids, but sometimes, it is nice to have adult interactions.

Andy finishes up this rotation, STICU at the end of the month and then he gets a month “off.” For part of that month he’ll be studying and preparing for another big test (that he’s “Not that worried about”) and then the second half we’ll be able to visit my family. I will also be using his break to get stuff done that is otherwise quite challenging: Doctors visits, dentist, etc.

I know he enjoys the surgery field. And in STICU he’s able to be with his colleagues from the surgical staff and I know he enjoys their company. But… I have to admit, I’m grateful he decided to go the EM route. Though the schedule changes weekly, he’ll be home when he’s home and basically be able to leave work when his shift ends. He has some colleagues at the school that are a bit disappointed that he didn’t choose surgery, because he has a knack for it. But, from what he’s told me, EM and surgery have a lot of overlap in personality and specialties.

Max is learning to read, tie his shoes, and many more things. He is pretty good with numbers and has quite the way with his little girl classmates. He’s always bringing home notes from them or making notes for them. I say them, because he’s told me there are 3 girls he likes. I find it adorable, but maybe I should be worried for his teenage years??

Maverick is testing his independence. Max did that. By refusing help and doing things his way and without asking for help. Mav does it by saying no instantaneously to any question asked. Sometimes he’s quick to correct himself when he realizes I’ve just asked him something he should be in favor for. He is potty trained with occasional accidents (too busy playing to take the time to pee… ugh). But he is so creative. I love listening to him play with his toys. (Which he frequently asks me to join in, and I try…). I will try to be more vigilant about recording his funny phrases because he seriously cracks me up.

Bev is teething. I could just leave that sentence and every mother out there would be able to fill out the rest of this paragraph, so I won’t say any more on that, I’m just anxious for it to be over. But she still is happy most of the time. Her looks are changing with her new teeth and she is quite vocal. I really enjoy her interactions with her brothers. She can nearly keep up with them. She’s pretty much mastered walking, so now she’s trying to run. She climbs everything so I have to keep a close eye on her. Her favorite toys are anything she’s not supposed to have. I am hoping Santa brings her some girl toys, because right now her favorites are dinosaurs, cars, and LEGOS! The worst possible toy for a baby.

Well If I keep this up weekly, it’ll sound less like a Christmas card and hopefully I can be better about finding the uniqueness of our family to keep y’all engaged. Have a good week!

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