Being home brings your own pillow, bed, and the comforts of home, but I admit, I am going to really miss my family. I know that my parents will be relieved to have some peace for a day or two before more family comes over, but it was sure nice to see my siblings and nieces and nephews so often. My canteen was filled. I am just not sure it will last me till I get to go back. This summer brings so many variables that I’m not sure I’ll get to come back, but I hope so. Nik and Sara celebrated Ori’s birthday party so that my kids could be there for it. It meant so much to me because they don’t usually get that luxury of attending cousins’ birthday parties. Plus, Sara went above and beyond. Homemade rainbow unicorn cake, cupcakes, SLIME (my worst nightmare but the kids love it!), yummy pizza, and we even played duck duck unicorn. Which was probably more entertaining for me than the kids, because surprisingly, quite a few of them had never played before. Ori has such a fun imagination! She is girly, and as bossy as the oldest sister needs to be (Trust me, Ori, I know!) Effie is spunky. She has hilarious facial expressions and her hair is always a hot mess, which I LOVE. She is talking so well for her age and has some pretty entertaining things to say. Avie is so pleasant. She seemed content nearly the whole time I was around her (I’m sure her parents have different stories). She smiles, has beautiful blue eyes, and I believe she is going to be just as gorgeous as her sisters. Dan and Jieun always make an effort to provide my family and I with on of Jieun’s amazing home cooked korean meals. I wish I could eat it all the time. No wonder her mother’s new restaurant is doing so well! I wish Jieun and I could just spend time painting and talking about the gospel for just a couple of hours sans kids. I mean, I LOVE my kids (and hers!) but it is HARD to do art with all those crazies— but yet, she manages to teach and DO art… I need to learn from her! I miss them and Dan’s magic touch with my kids, especially my babies. Bevy adored them, and Dan’s fuzzy face. First off, all of Dan’s kids could be models, well all of my nieces and nephews could, really. Hyeji and Max hit it off like they had been best buds all year, probably because they had with playing minecraft online together. Hyeji has grown so much and I can tell she fulfills her role as the big sisters very well. Doyeon’s personality is blossoming, I understand she loathes princesses and instead focuses her attention to superheros. I’m with you Doyeon.. it’s definitely cool to like super heros 🙂 Yuna has a small voice and a small body, but a huge personality. She is a spitfire. She has tons of energy and can keep up with the rest. I really enjoyed watching her and her daredevil stunts. Dojin is hilarious. He speaks korean more than English, from what I’ve been told, and i’ll have to take their word for it, because I didn’t understand very much of what he told me, but he is very expressive and loves to use hand gestures. He has a strong body and I am sure he will be able to keep up with the rest in football, wrestling, or maybe dance (being the youngest in a family of mostly girls), but he is anything but feminine despite his older influences. I will miss his adorable face. Adrienne and AJ had a lot of busy days with Christmas prep, work, and skiing, but we were still able to see them quite a bit. They even came over my last day in Utah, despite having had an exhausting day on the slopes. I can’t wait to see their new home, but I am sure they are more anxious than I am. They have had the fortune of living with AJ’s family, but I am sure that they, like me, are excited for the luxury of their own home. Gunnar is so big! He is very creative and always has a project in mine. He is such a handsome young man. I can’t believe he was baptized this year! Ollie is handsome as well, and Max, Mav, and Ollie had fun wrestling, dressing up, and talking about baseball (especially Mav.) I have a feeling our boys will be even closer as they get older. Finn keeps up with his older brothers and is such a sweetheart. His eyes are to die for. Ila has so much hair! Bevy hit it off with her already. I am sure she was jealous of all that hair her younger cousin has. Crista and Matt had to divide their time with  his family too, but the time I had with them was sweet. Ruby is so fantastic and girly. She is bursting with personality and loves to play make believe. I think Greta has a very laid back personality. They are both so adorable. I wish I could spend more time with them! And…. Crista is expecting!!! AHH I’m so excited for another niece or nephew! Jennie did my hair, like always, and did a fantastic job. I wish I could see her more often so I don’t go three months looking like a homeless person. It was good to talk with her and catch up! Caitlyn is going through a lot, but always manages to laugh and make others laugh too. She is a peacemaker between a lot of our family members. Mav calls her cupcake, and it couldn’t be more fitting. After writing about my loving family I am homesick once again. I will have to make more of an effort 2019 to facetime, especially if Andy and I don’t find a way to come visit. Stay tuned for my next post- it will be less of a personality runover and more of a vacation recap. I will have a third blog post this week with a goal run down for 2019 and goal recap from 2018. Hopefully it can inspire someone. I love planning and I’m a total MTC nerd when I do it. Hope yall have a great New Years Eve!

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