I am doing President Nelson’s challenge and striving to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. As of now, I’m “on target” to do so. I started reading by highlighting any mention of the Savior, as per direction of President Nelson. I continued to highlight and “tag” things as I saw trends. I’m reading on the LDS scripture app so I can read “on the run” or while nursing or whatever, it makes tagging and highlighting very easy and convenient. A trend I’m beginning to see is “the Lord softened their heart.” Either due to another’s prayer in their behalf (or in behalf of their own welfare or safety). What I am learning is that the LORD softens their heart. He is the one who has the power to do so. Also, not completely related, in Stake conference today our 1st councilor in the Stake presidency talked about the purpose of our life is to “prove” ourselves to Heavenly father. Which I totally agree with, but the scripture he derived that from is “That I may prove them herewith…” This made me think of the fact that he is the subject and we are the object. He is going to prove us. And maybe I’m looking at this wrong, not understanding old English, but it seems to me that Heavenly Father is trying to prove to us that we can rise up to his expectations. I’ve been thinking a lot about “lifting others” instead of dragging them or following Satan’s plan to force them. In order to lift others, we need to inspire them, encourage them, invite them. But it in no way involves force. I would love more concrete ideas on how to “lift others” or inspire others to become their best selves.

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