Jesus and his Houses

On our way to church this past Sunday, Max noticed all of the churches we passed to get to ours and asked, “Why does Jesus have so many houses?” First of all, Max has a lot of questions. His favorite being, “Why?” (For everything, why are we eating this, why are we eating NOW why are we going to the store? Why do we go to friends’ houses?) But when he asked this (and many similar questions about Jesus) I felt like we’re doing something right. He wants to know more. Just like me. He is inquiring to learn more. A principal I am coming to gain a testimony and understanding about when it comes to spiritual inspiration. Andy and I responded with, “Jesus’s homes are where those who believe in him go to worship him. He’s not in all of them all the time, but if we keep them holy he can come visit.” Andy piped in, “Kind of like how Papa Jackson has multiple houses, but he isn’t in all of them all at once, but can go visit whenever he wants.” That satiated him for the moment until he thought of another question. On the way home from tithing settlement on Tuesday night he asked us another cute question, “Did an angel tell us to move to Georgia?” I realized he got that from our scripture study the night before when we read about the angel coming to Mary and Joseph and warning them to move to Egypt because of Herod’s desires and plans. We assured him that it wasn’t an angel, but that we had prayed about it to Heavenly Father and that he did want us to move to Georgia. Then Max asked how Jesus Died, which then led to a question about how we’ll die, which then led to ask about how my grandparents died, and then Mav piped in, “They died?! In a firetruck with the “raincar” (aka police car) and they’re zombies???” Oh he also told us that because he consumed a lego dinosaur egg that he had died the night before and woken up as a zombie. Maverick has the WILDEST imagination. We really have NO idea where he even learned about zombies being the walking dead. We don’t watch zombie shows.. honestly it’s hilarious, but we’re baffled at what he comes up with. Anyway, back to the move. When we found out we were matched to Augusta, Georgia, we were a little shocked.  They had hinted to Andy he would match there. Even after Andy’s interview, I felt very compelled to put it as our first choice, but we didn’t because of logical reasons for staying in Texas (close to family and friends, HEB cola, Andy is a Texan through and through…) Anyway, when we received the news I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I know this is where the Lord wants us and I’m excited for the next stage of our adventure. We have begun to look for homes to purchase in the Evans area, near Augusta. It is a lot to figure out and take in and a lot of people we have contacted concerning loans are like “Not much we can do till you’re ready to buy” and we’re like.. well I’ve heard it takes two months to get closing completed? So I guess it’ll be just a whirlwind of excitement about two months before we need to move. On Sunday I was able to give a talk. Andy sat in the congregation while I sat on the stand. Bishop spoke to me ahead of time and said, “I see why you wanted to speak so he’d have to sit with the kids and you’d get a break.” I said, “Ha, well I guess that’s a perk.” I don’t mind speaking in church, but it isn’t exactly my favorite past time either. Over the pulpit, however, I told the congregation, that really Andy was depriving me from my kids, because as Elder Oaks stated that, “Latter-Day Saint women understand that being a mother is their highest priority, their ultimate joy.” Which was a great tie in since my talk was taken from Elder Oak’s talk, Parents and Children. I would copy and paste my talk here, but maybe that’ll be a separate blog because I have to edit it, and I didn’t even use all of it… and a few things were added in. So I guess stay tune for that. I will add that, while we were singing one of the Christmas Carols during church, a profound thought came to me. Imagine how Mary changed the way she parented Jesus, just because she knew who he was and who he’d become. She knew his potential and consequently probably expected a lot out of him and also treated him with kindness and respect, maybe was a lot more patient than I am with my own kids. But it made me think, what if I knew of who my kids could become, would I do differently? We had Christmas early at our home. The boys were very excited. Max was over the moon about his watch, and a multi-tool that his papa Jackson gave him (that they had given me to give to him last year, but I must’ve misplaced it till I gathered presents to lay out for this year). They also enjoyed their lego set and played well together most of the morning. Bevy got a stroller and was delighted that she had something to push around and fill up with her “treasures.” I love giving gifts that make people recognize that I know them and I know what they need. That gives me the greatest joy in this holiday season. I think our Savior, and our Heavenly Father take great joy in doing the same. I know often times they give me more than I ask for and give me differently than I ask for, but it is always what I need (like this move to Augusta). I hope yall have a Merry Christmas and find some children to enjoy it with, because for me, Christmas has never been better than having young children enjoy the magic of Christmas.

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