I have been busy this week taking care of a sick husband and a sick baby. She puked on our way to the grocery store on Tuesday, but I thought it was just due to car sickness (which happens with her). But she puked again wednesday then twice in the night on Wednesday then throughout Thursday and then Friday was the worst, nights being the worst worst. With some blowouts and lots of laundry, I was exhausted. Andy got to come home from work Friday because he puked as he was walking into the hospital (I assume in the restroom or a trashcan, but either way they told him go away we don’t want your germs here, you’re already matched). To add insult to injury Andy had cracked a rib earlier that week (or badly bruised?) anyway, throwing up did not help that situation. Luckily the stomach bug has passed, but he still is in pain from his rib. Hopefully that’ll pass quickly. I’ve started a Facebook group called “Your Body, Your Way” to encourage friends, especially ward friends, to be healthier and keep myself accountable to someone. With the stomach bug it was hard to keep all of my goals this week, but I started out strong and I will start again tomorrow stronger. I’m not going to be hard on myself, but I’m going to keep trying. Andy’s bishopric got a new councilor, Brad Leavitt. Andy feels good about this and is excited to work with his new friend. We are anxious about the upcoming move. Ok, I am. I think Andy’s fine. I found out that a lot of times, due to paper work, people don’t get their first paycheck for six weeks after they start, so I am trying to budget accordingly. I’m excitedly looking at homes (the fun part), but anxious about getting the right one, lender, when to search etc. I am doing lots of research on schools and what to look for when looking for a home. I’m downsizing, organizing, and kind of feel like I do when I’m pregnant and nesting. Andy’s must haves for our new home: Fiber, not galvanized piping, and apparently a nice front porch. The first two are absolute deal breakers for him (and me) if they don’t have those. He would like fast internet to improve the connection between us and our distant family. We have had bad experiences with old galvanized piping and are tired of needless plumbing repairs. My “must haves” are: 4-5 bedroom (if 4, then we need a “study” in addition to the 4 bedrooms). I’d like at least 2500 but I’d take more if the price was right. Bare minimum of 2.5 baths, but 3 would be even better. Luckily we have a lot to choose from so I can be a bit pickier. Granite kitchen counters, I’d LOVE an island in the kitchen (I have very minimal counter space in our current home). Other than that, I’d like a little more natural lighting and a place for the kids to keep their stuff. But I could make any place a home if needed. I’m excited for a change, but sad too. I sent a letter to HEB telling them they needed to come with us. They said, sorry but we’re not coming to GA. I said fine. see if I care. But I do. I will miss that grocery store. Who would’ve thought I’d become such a Texan? I am LOVING two hour church. Even at 9 AM. Andy had 7 AM bishopric meeting so he was gone before we got up. I was able to get the kids cleaned, fed, and clothed while still being 15 min early to church without feeling stressed. It was great. Andy asked if it was more stressful than 1; I say no. It’s easy to get the kids ready if I don’t have to pull them from playing with their toys or dealing with nap times. We got home, ate lunch, took naps, did Come Follow me, made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned up and still had time to play games as a family before their 7:30 bedtime. It was the perfect Sunday for me. I am really enjoying my study of Come follow me. Some days I study the book of Mormon using the Red Headed Hostess and the other days I study come follow me. Andy and I are about to have our companionship council/study to prepare for the upcoming week. I love these meetings. They put us on the same page and unite us with our kids. I know this blog post is all over the place, but I have to tell you about Max’s funny sayings this week. On the way home from a ward party last night, Max was asking me about dada’s responsibilities. After listing about 10, Max asked for more “And another thing? and another thing…” you get the point. He asked, Why does dada have to do all that. I said, well he was asked to. When we got to the responsibilities of dada at home and Max asked me why, I told him it was because “dada” was good at those things. To change the subject, and make myself feel better (because Dada gets a lot of love from our kids and mama… well I’m just always there. I get it) I asked, “what is mama good at?” Surprisingly he had a lot to say. I accepted the first compliment and then he would add another on his own. I was very touched by the things he said, because it made me realize that he does notice what I do for him, even if they seem to always want Dada and talk about him. I’m sure the reverse would be the case if I worked away from home too. I am grateful for what Andy does and grateful he is good at it and enjoys what he does. I remember as a teen a leader asked me what I’d like my husband to do for work. I told her, I don’t care as long as he enjoys doing it. I think they said something like, “we don’t always get to do what we like, because it doesn’t always make enough money.” They are right, but I am grateful that what Andy truly enjoys doing will make money… eventually. I don’t mind living frugally. I enjoy saving and being careful with the money we do have. Anyway, back to Max. Since he told me some of the things he admired about me, I began to return the favor. I told him he is fast at running, good at math, making friends, being kind to others, playing with his brother and sisters, driving his jeep and bike, being obedient and helpful, and building stuff in minecraft. Well Max decided he wanted to add to the list I had made and told me when he gets headaches he can take them off. I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “I just use my magnetic fingers and pull it out of my ear.” I asked him if he could show me how to do it so I could take my headaches away, he said, “No mom, you don’t have magnetic fingers.” I wish I did. I have a headache now. Bevy loves to nod. She seems to understand my yes or no questions because she will shake her head no or yes depending on the situation and it makes sense with what I think her answer would be. She definitely is a smarty pants and gets into way more things than she should at her age. She knows how to pull of lids off of markers, open drawers, pull zippers… you get the picture. I surely love these crazy kiddos of mine and am excited to hear what comes out of their mouths this week. Till next week, friends.

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