Photo Sorting

I mentioned before that one of the big projects I’m currently working on is going through stuff to prepare for the move. This led me to an even bigger project that I do when my body is just too tired to haul heavy boxes, man machinery, or I just don’t want to get dirty again for the day. This bigger project is photos. SO many photos. I eventually want to go through my ancient scrap books and redo them in a smaller Shutterfly format (my go to for all my memory saving needs). I am kind of the self-designated family historian for my family. It all began with a family photo album I made as a gift to my parents. Then I made it again the next year. It is no longer a surprise, but I feel that they like them. They are quite a lot of work, but I feel like it is one of the ways I can do family history. I know there is so much more to do, but with my current busy life and three adorable demanding children, this is a way I can still participate without having it distract from my most important calling of raising my kids. Anyway, back to my project. Today I scanned one photo just from this past year, but it is quite noteworthy. The next few are from the years between 1985-1990 I believe. Feel free to comment if you have any additional info on the photos. Maybe I’ll eventually get back to our roots and do a huge photo album of our childhood… maybe. This was at a small amusement park across the street from my in-laws time share. Look at Maverick’s face! Max looks like he’s having a blast. He is my little dare-devil.I mean, I was pretty darn cute.BUT those darn teeth got in the way for a couple of years…I am not sure if the pen scratches were from me or my siblings, but if I ever touch these photos up they’d be easy to edit out. Adrienne and I.I’m pretty sure this is Thomas that Nik is holding. Notice how straight I’m holding my arms? I’m pretty sure I was getting commanded to do so, because I just watched “Bundle of Trouble” and I was a little mexican jumping bean. Just like Max.My dad has these on slides. I think he’s working on getting them digital.Here are a few altogether.ok, on to scan some more. Hope you enjoyed these blasts from the past.

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