Tired, tired, TIRED

Guys… I am TIRED. Like my whole body is beat. And maybe my emotions too. Bevy has had a fever on and off since Friday. And I was too busy to notice till Friday afternoon because of this: Pressure washing our patio… I did it last year… it is just THAT humid/mossy here! ugh!After! I still have the other half plus the middle section and a WHOLE lot of raking…And this: SOO MANY BLANKETSHow did we manage to have all of this in three cupboards?? After!AND this… Garage disaster of 2019After… Actually this was more like “middle” this section was pretty much done, but it looks even better now. And I’ll have to take pics of the other section because it is A-MAY-ZING! Guys, this is my WORLD if I could organize people’s stuff for a living while not worrying about my kids I would. That’s why today was totally and completely focused on them, because they (and I needed) and rest and relaxation day.Sick Bevy doesn’t look as sick as she really is.Also, not pictured, is the toy area. Andy says I’m a beginner Marie Kondo-er but I beg to differ. Before I even watched her show I was putting stuff in bins in shelves… granted I never thought to do it with linens, so I wouldn’t say I’m an “advanced Marie Kondo-er” but I am at least intermediate. It feels so refreshing to go to bed in a decluttered house. All I have left is the closet under the stairs, a cupboard in the laundry room, the nursery closet, and the crawl space (this one will be the hardest). Andy’s closet could use a bit of Marie Kondo-ing, but I’ve done it before for him, so I’ll let him do it this time around 😉 Marie Kondo is big on having you do your own stuff/space. I understand why now. It helps you appreciate all you have and how hard it is to get it to an organized way, that way you are more motivated to keep it that way. This is why I had the kids help me organize and purge their toys. Max wanted to hold on to everything until we had safely tucked away all of his favorite toys into their place and then I had him look at the stuff that was left on the floor and told him to put that away. He wasn’t sure where to put them so he was FINALLY ready to let go. It was stuff he hasn’t played with in a long time, so I think once he realized he had enough toys he did play with that he didn’t need to hold on to everything. I’ve been slowly purging some of their junkier toys, but left these for them to decide on. They were told that any money they make from their toys at the garage sale, they can put towards a play set at the new house. That is motivation enough for them. So, here’s what I’ve noticed since these cleansing tasks. 1) My kids are tidier. Just on their own, without much prompting… okay a little bit of prompting. 2) I am less stressed. 3) We know where everything is. There’s a lot less of “Do you know where my __ is?” 4) the kids are playing with more of their toys more often and I was asked “can I play minecraft” less frequently from my 3 year old. 5) When I asked my kids to put away their toys after they were done with one type of toy, there was no complaining, in fact, Max had a smile on his face and they were WAY faster at cleaning than ever before. It is because I allowed them to take ownership for their stuff yesterday AND they know where everything goes. AND when they only have 1 group of toys to clean up it is a lot less overwhelming. Well enough about my new passion. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do once I’ve cleaned out every cupboard, drawer and closet. Oh wait, I know! More work on the house and yard. Oh, then moving… yeah, I’ve got plenty to do. Today I missed church because of Beverly 🙁 I love church. Especially the new curriculum and the 2 hours time frame. I was especially sad to miss it today because Andy spoke in Sacrament meeting. I had a friend text me and tell me how well he did. It was on mental illness. He isn’t going to post it on the internet due to its sensitive nature, but I recommend calling him and maybe asking for an audio copy if you’re interested. I still get to listen to it and I’m so glad he recorded it for me.

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