Georgia is coming fast!

See, I told you two months ago that I needed to get a head start on things because the year would fly by. It is! We will be going to GA in three weeks to find a home. We’ve found several we like, so we’ll just narrow it down and see if we can find one for the best price that still fits our needs. This week was kind of a blur. Bevy started it off with still being sick and had sores all over her mouth and lips. She refused to sleep or eat much so I was exhausted and mostly focusing on taking care of her. We were able to take the boys to the new Lego movie on Monday for President’s day (and as a reward for cleaning up their toys on Saturday). They enjoyed the movie. Bevy kept Andy from watching most of it. But it was cute and clever. Way better than their Batman Lego movie.  Tuesday I taught toddler time. I will miss my time working at that school when we move. I’ve really grown to feel a part of that community. Wednesday I don’t really remember, but I’m pretty sure it was focused on catching up on housework… and continuing to take care of my very ornery baby girl. Friday was pretty busy. We started by pulling boxes out of our crawl space. I knew this would be our biggest project, but I am somehow surprised that I’m still working on it.  I need to do a lot of scanning of old pictures. I tossed out a bunch of old CDs, got rid of two garbage bags of stuff, three boxes so far to the garage sale, and two boxes donated to the school (teaching materials). But I still have a box I need to go through and I will be putting three boxes of scrap books/ journals back in the attic. I’m trying to make the nursery closet the place I put all of the stuff that we will personally be moving and then stacking the boys’ closet up with stuff we want the moving company to take care of. There’s really too many baby clothes and decorations in the crawl space to pull out already for the move, so we’ll leave them in there and pull them out the day before the move. I WANT to go through the baby stuff and only save what we need (We’re not done having kids… I know we’re crazy). It would be super nice to know if I need to hold on to both genders… but that isn’t how life works. Oh well. Saturday was the first nice day in a while, so instead of addressing the boxes cluttering our hallway and Andy’s office (sorry honey), I went outside and got to work on our yard. I got a fair deal done, plus we were able to get the majority portion of an art project done. I am painting and wooden flag for a friend in GA as a thank you for hosting us while we’re house hunting. A small price to pay for a week of housing. It still needs the finishing touches, but it is coming along great.I had a great lesson today with my YW. It was on the atonement. We (being the YW presidency) felt very strongly that we needed to give the girls more opportunities to serve, so I tied in Pres. Nelson’s talk about Learning, making covenants, and reaching in faith to access the atonement. I talked about how when we learn the purpose of the Savior’s life, and see the example he set, we desire to be like him and serve others as well. Our ward has a lot of needs. These youth have a lot of time and talents. I challenged them to pick a family and reach out to serve them. I know that if they do this they will probably be more blessed for it than those they are serving, so I sincerely hope they follow through so they can strengthen their testimonies and learn how to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately in the middle of the lesson, I got a BAD migraine. So I hope I said all I wanted to and led a discussion that would help them internalize what we were reading/discussing. I plan to follow my own challenge and reach out to the individuals I mentioned to the class who could use some fellowshipping. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. Bevy is very unhappy at the moment, so I’m going to go be a good mother. Till later, friends.

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