Black Monday is quickly approaching us.  No, not the Black Monday when the stock market crashed.  The medical school Black Monday is the day you find out if you matched or not.  You are not yet told where you match, just if you did.  For those that did, there is a little less stress in their lives.  They still do not know where they will be spending the next 3 to 5 years, but they know that a hospital somewhere wanted them as a doctor.  For those that did not, the next three days is hell.  They must scramble to find an open residency somewhere to take them.  The vast majority of the time it is in a specialty that they have no desire to be in.  They then have to learn to accept they may never be the type of doctor they dreamed of being. I feel for the medical students this year.  Medical classes are growing and residency programs are not growing at the same rate.  Some medical students won’t match at all, even after the “scramble” and will have to find other work until they can apply again next year.  I am extremely fortunate that I have already matched with the military into the Emergency Medicine program in Augusta, Georgia.  I am excited to go to Medical College of Georgia for my residency training.  I will be an active duty Captain in the United States Army participating in a civilian residency.  I get the best of both worlds. Please keep the medical students matching this year in your prayers.  Some of them may be disappointing and feel depressed after match day (March 15th this year).

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