Contract Signed

The builders finally signed our contract yesterday morning. We should be closing April 24th or close to it. Andy also received orders, but of course with the Army, they’re incomplete, so he’s got to figure that out tomorrow. We have a fair amount to do to get the house ready to sell. The majority is painting and minimizing stuff so it looks “staged.” This is going to be hard with our three littles, but we’ll make it work. I am trying to decide when to have my garage sale and there are a few house hold items I’m on the fence about whether or not to sell. I may hold onto those until we get to GA and then if I feel they don’t quite fit I’ll sell them through FB market place. We have one garage space filled with garage sale items. I already know which charities I’m donating to after the garage sale, but my hope is that we make a bit of cash to get things for the new house. In our deal with the builders, we ended up needing to cover the cost of the fridge, the blinds, and the extra bedroom fans. (And half of the cost of the fence, though it is being wrapped up into the cost of the mortgage). I was so grateful to my Mother-in-law for coming to watch Max and Mav while we househunted. They had so much fun with Grandma that they barely missed us, in fact when we came home they were upstairs playing minecraft and I called for them to come down. Mav’s response was, “We’re playing minecraft!” As soon as Max heard us/realized it was us, he bolted downstairs to give us big hugs. Then something clicked in Mav’s hyper-focused head that it was us and he too came down excited to give us hugs. But really I don’t think they missed us that much. Beverly would have, but Grandma would never watch our kids again if we had left her. She was a handful for US, I can’t imagine what she would be for someone else. She finally had two teeth break through! Hallelujah. Maybe we’ll get a break from her waking up at night. Two more months here. And they’re going to fly by. Till next week!

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