Andy’s Graduation

I have another blog post I’m working on, but after finishing it on Friday, I realized I hadn’t shared Andy’s graduation, our journey packing, driving, unloading, or any of that fun stuff, so I’m going to back track a bit before I share it (it will have lots of photos, so be prepared). But I needed to take the time to post today to wish the men in my life a Happy Father’s day. To the outstanding men in my life, I love you! I am ever so grateful to have my dad as an example of faith, thoughtfulness, and always looking to serve. My father in law taught my husband his ways of providing, generosity, and playfulness. I’m so grateful that Andy is the father of my children. He is so good at showing his love to them. Nothing makes me happier than watching him play with our kids. We filled our father’s day. I snuck out of bed with the kids to take care of a wet the bed accident, bathed and dressed them, made them first breakfast then Andy woke up around 9 and I made him breakfast and the kids wanted second breakfast (they’re hobbits). Then we got ready for church and enjoyed a relaxing morning. Our ward treated the men with “man food” aka a BBQ sauce fountain with meatballs and little smokies. We went home, ate lunch and I crashed while Andy studied his scriptures. Then I made homemade pizza on Andy’s father’s day present– the Traeger. The kids each got him a Star Wars bobblehead to add to his collection and a new phone case for his phone. Then Andy finished the father’s day with a token wrestling match with the kiddos while I cleaned up. I think I had the better end of the deal- those kids are crazy! But he finds so much joy with them and I find so much joy watching them with their dad. I am grateful for him in my life and that he is my eternal companion. I hope all the other men in my life had a wonderful day and were spoiled with love. Dad, I love you so much. Gramps aka older than dirt, I hope you get feeling better. Love you and miss you. And of course I miss my other grandpa a lot. I feel him around me often and am so grateful he’s one of my guardian angels (he must be busy with 50? grandchildren and a plethora of greats and great great grandchildren). There are other men who have influenced my life and I am grateful for them as well. It is amazing to me how real and true these identities of father and mother are, whether or not they are biological or just simply acted in a fatherly (or motherly) way, they fulfilled their divine identity.

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