Houston Friends

Now that Andy’s started work back up and I’ve began to have a bit of a routine, it is beginning to feel more like home and less like an extended vacation. This has brought a bit of peace, but also a bit of sadness. At times I think about going to my favorite people’s homes, or eating at our favorite restaurant and realize I can’t. That’s hard. But ultimately things are getting better. Andy and I were extended a call on Sunday with the warning that it probably wouldn’t last long since the ward is destined to be split in a month. I understand why, since the first Sunday we were there and the congregation reached the stage in the cultural hall, but it’s also hard, because I felt like I was starting to make friends and now I don’t know who will be in our ward in a month. Besides church, I’ve reached out to Andy’s coworker’s wives. They’re very nice. They’re Christian and attend church on a regular basis. One of them even said her best friend in AZ was LDS, so she already knows a bit about us. We’ve done a play date and had a few family parties so I am sure we’ll see a lot of each other. The best part of getting a schedule has been the gym. Andy and I signed up for a gym membership last Wednesday and have used it nearly every day since. My body was so tired and sore this morning that I did an “easy” day and walk/ran on the treadmill for a half hour. But then I take a shower (without kids trying to join or get into trouble) in their luxurious showers, get a water massage, and then go get the kids from their child care. It’s a much needed self-care that I haven’t had the privilege of having since starting work in 2010. Andy gets up early to get his gym time in before heading to orientation. I think  he enjoys it, but he doesn’t enjoy the orientations as much. I can’t say I blame him. I believe the month of July is a lot of training and then August he’ll “hit the ground running.” He has such a great group of interns starting with him that I don’t think they’ll struggle too much, but it’ll still be busy and I’m sure they’ll all have a learning curve. This week I took the boys and Bev to the gym from 9-10:30, then we followed up with an “outing.” Monday we went to the library and finally got a library pass. Tuesday we had a picnic and went swimming at a sister in the ward’s home. Wednesday we had a picnic and went to the city’s amazing park that included a splash pad and HUGE play equipment. Thursday, after the gym we went blueberry picking. We didn’t last too long, because it was hot and Bev grabbed a cactus, but we left with 3 lbs of blueberries and full tummies. Afternoons include naps and quiet time for the boys. They play legos and minecraft. Then around 3 or 4 we get some work done around the house (and the kids go play outside), followed by dinner, sometimes wrestling, and then bedtime. Andy and I get to go on our first date since Houston this Saturday. I’m super excited to spend some one on one time with him. We’re having a 16 yr old girl babysit for us. We actually knew her family from Houston about 5 years ago. They told us they’ve moved 4 times since then! But it is really nice to see a familiar face. Our nextdoor neighbors move in tomorrow or Saturday and I’ve already started building a relationship with her through Facebook. Speaking of which, if you need to reach Andy, it’s best to do that through phone since he has had to remove all social media from his phone so we have the best opportunity to get the spot we want after residency. This week has been full of emotions. Caitlyn went into surgery on Tuesday. We’ve been fasting and praying for her. The surgery went well and she is beginning her long recovery. Every time I marcopolo her my heart hurts for her. She looks like she is in a lot of pain. They’ve given her good meds, but she says when the meds start to wear off it’s pretty unbearable. It’s hard for her to talk, she can only “eat” liquids, and my dad said it’s hard for her to breath because of the extent of the swelling. I’m sure it’ll get better but I hope the swelling goes down quickly because I can’t imagine struggling to breath on top of the intense amount of pain. While worrying about her I woke up and read my texts. Crista told my family around 10 Wednesday night (so midnight my time) that she was in the hospital and was expecting Bridget to come any time. She didn’t arrive till Thursday afternoon but she is gorgeous! Crista labored long and hard, so I hope she is doing ok, but it is so good to see another healthy, beautiful baby. That’s my parent’s 17th grandbaby! Crista and Matt make beautiful babies.

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