Bev’s Sick

Bev has had mouth sores all week so she’s been so incredibly grumpy. Yesterday she was doing better so I thought I could finally head to the gym. We made it all the way to the gym. (this involved packing a picnic for the lake afterwards, swim gear, towels, beach toys, etc) and Max complained that his tummy was bothering him. Well Bev and I had had upset tummies that week so I didn’t want to spread it at the gym and I didn’t want to chance cleaning up puke in my car so we headed home. By lunch he was better, but on the plus side I got a lot more done yesterday than I would have otherwise. We are enjoying our new friends and neighbors, but are sad that the ward boundaries are changing tomorrow. We will most likely be moved into the Grovetown ward which puts us at an old building an additional 3 minutes away from the other building. I know that some of the friends I’ve made won’t be in our ward any more and that makes me sad, but I will try to be open (again) to making new friends. At least we know our neighbors will be in our ward! Their sons were very worried about that, which we all had a good laugh about, because it isn’t likely they’d split the ward right in between our homes! We are anxious to see what callings the Lord will give us and hoping that we can make new friends there. Andy is in full swing in his internship. July is a month of orientation and work. He does days at the VA, days at AU and days of lectures and training. He has enjoyed his shifts and usually has good stories to tell me. He was pretty excited to give his first family member an anti-biotic prescription. He really enjoys serving family and helping people out. I am currently working on my third commissioned wood flag. I am excited that people are buying something I’ve made. they’re simple, fun, and give me good practice, though they’re not the art I typically do, they get my foot in the door of selling my art. I’ve always been too timid to market myself, so I’m excited.

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