Good morning! Just when I thought my kids were all healthy, my Maverick, who has a killer immune system, came down with whatever Bev had the week before. He had a fever for three days, which he milked. He pouted his lip and gave his big blue eyes the puppy dog look with a, “I not feel good.” To anyone who would listen. He didn’t mind it too much because it meant I let him watch more shows than I usually do. When his fever left finally, I was like, yes! I get to go to the gym (I’m not about to take my sick kid to the gym (intentionally) and get other kids sick. So we headed there, on the way home he was crying and I said, “What’s wrong bud?” He opened his mouth and said his teeth hurt. He had exactly what Bev and I had. It is quite painful. It makes it hard to eat and it’s a constant annoyance. He is still suffering from it, but he’s on the mend. The days I don’t get to go to the gym are rough on everyone, so I really hope these initial days with everyone getting sick are gone soon enough. I know that when you move to a new area you tend to get sick a lot because you’re exposed to new things, as well as my kids now go to “daycare” while I work out, which has tons of germs, and then to top it off, Andy works at the ER and tries not to bring home germs, but it is probably not completely avoidable.  I’m working on telling Mav not to put everything in his mouth. I mean, I thought that was a 12 month old thing to do but he’s my “experimenter.” I have to say I was not in the best mental attitude as we drove an extra five minutes to our new ward. Honestly it’s probably about the same amount of time as Mission Bend was from our house (though further in miles), but it’s a prettier drive. It’s in Harlem which is more of a country town. People have acres, not neighborhoods. Houses are cheaper there, but also the school ratings are pretty low, which is probably why real estate is so much lower. Not only did the drive bring back memories to Mission Bend but the building did as well. It’s a nice OLD building. I was super worried that the AC would be like Mission Bend’s as well, but most of the building felt nice and cool (but not the room we had gospel doctrine in). The people remind me of Mission Bend as well. It’s by far a smaller ward than Evans. I texted Marni as I sat down, “I’m in my new ward and it feels like Mission Bend.” Her response was, “The Lord knew what you needed.” When I sent her that text, admittedly I didn’t think “hey this is like home! I’m excited to be here.” it was more of an attitude of “this ward is small and the building is old” like MB. After my second week of attending I still don’t feel at home yet like I did in MB. MB was my family away from family. But I have to remind myself it took time to get to that point with them. I believe now, however that the lord DOES know what I need and though I was disappointed in yet another change in my life, I think Marni is right and it will be exactly what I need. I’m speaking on the 18th and he said he has callings for us already, though we don’t yet know what they are. A bunch of YW advisors just got called and I felt disappointed I wasn’t one of them, but again, the Lord knows what we need and I just need to focus on that. Church was good though. I love the gospel doctrine class and I do feel the spirit in the building. It was my longest fast since post breastfeeding Bev and I felt it, but I also felt the added measurement of the spirit, which I needed. I will post again later today to tell you all about our trip to Disney. Till then, have a blessed day.

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