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If you missed any session, or have never seen a General Conference from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you can watch it here. My brother joked that he was underwhelmed by the Saturday morning session, my response was that it was a build up to what is to come. I felt like the over arching messages that I picked up on were:

1) Personal revelation- with a major emphasis on cultivating that talent and striving to gain more of it.

2) The restoration of the gospel, including its purpose in preparing the world for the second coming of the Lord. This was to be expected since it was a bicentennial celebration of the First vision of our Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ to the 14 year old boy, Joseph Smith. I really appreciated Elder Uchtdorf’s comments that Joseph Smith was like you and me, that he was an imperfect person willing to do the Lord’s will. There were a few reasons why this comment was important to me. Firstly, because I feel like I would have to be someone special to see my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but this is false. If we have a desire to do His will and love him, then if it is His will, we too can see miracles.

3) The preparation of the second coming. This one is definitely the most exciting for me. Of course, if I didn’t know of the Restoration and Joseph Smith’s first vision, I can imagine that news would be exciting, maybe even unbelievable depending upon my heart, however, the second coming of the Savior is on a lot of people’s minds, both members and other Christian Faiths. I even wonder, if perhaps the Jews expect Elijah to finally arrive. News flash, he has! Either way, there is much work to be done. The announcement of a temple in China was a confirmation that the Lord’s work is not going to slow down, in fact, I can’t wait to see that announcement come to fruition. Because from the faith of building a temple in a country that doesn’t allow proselyting, we will see many miracles, in fact, I believe that the temple will act as a door that will open the country of China to receiving members and missionaries. After my visit to China, I was very touched by the people there and felt their goodness, humility, and also a hidden eagerness to know their divinity. I came home with a strong feeling that I would see the gospel go into China in the next decade or so.

I have to admit, I don’t know much about Dubai, but my mother in law mentioned how strict it is over there and how predominantly Muslim they are, if so, this is a huge stepping stone for the middle east as well. It is miraculous, really, to imagine a Christian temple in a muslim country.

In preparation for General Conference, I read the Doctrine and Covenants sections that President Nelson told us to study (25, 84, 107). The things that stood out to me were that women had access to the power of the priesthood through our covenants. I need to keep studying these sections and others to figure out how to use it. I know women to hold the priesthood or have the priesthood offices, so understanding the difference between accessing that power and holding the responsibility of it is important. The other thing in these chapters that stood out to me was that there was still revelation regarding the complete restoration of the gospel that is yet to come. It mentioned that the book of Enos would be revealed at a later time. I have to admit, this really had me excited, and I had a small hope that it would be one of the announcements at General Conference, that or the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, or the lost book of Zenos, or many other lost books. In fact, 2 Nephi speaks about the many nations and lands that God spoke to, that they too would have records. I hope to live to see that day when they are revealed. I also noticed in 84:97, that the Lord spoke about the plagues that would cover the earth only to be shortened by righteousness. Our prophet issued out a commitment for us to fast and pray this Good Friday for relief from the global pandemic. “I invite all, including those not of our faith, to fast and pray on Good Friday, April 10, that the present pandemic may be controlled, caregivers protected, the economy strengthened and life normalized.”

I was grateful that he mentioned, “as health permits.” Because, being 37 (almost 38 by then) weeks pregnant, my health doesn’t really permit. I felt a kind of sorrow when he mentioned the fast, because I want to be a part of this historic worldwide fast. I tried fasting a bit last Sunday when he issued the first fast challenge, and it made me physically ill and weak. Despite my inability to go without two meals or water this Friday, he stated, “But you decide what would constitute a sacrifice for you, as you remember the supreme sacrifice the Savior made for you.” This made me realize that though a traditional fast is two meals, the purpose of the fast is to learn sacrifice, and how to rely on the Savior. So I am going to join in this fast on Friday and figure out a sacrifice that is fit for me and for this important plea.

Someone on FaceBook, in my LDS group, asked why we were fasting if the prophet and apostles already knew that this pandemic would pass. I told her that I felt like it was to strengthen our own faith. When we ask for things from the Lord, we learn he is a part of our lives as those prayers are answered. Also, in reflection, I realized that Joseph Smith’s visions, Nephi’s visions, and I’m sure many others, but I need to go back and record pertaining to this notion, but they all happened after much reflection and prayer. “Ask and ye shall receive” is a scripture that is repeated several times throughout the scriptures. It is an eternal principle that we must ask in order to receive. Yes, God knows the desires of our hearts, yes he knows what we need, but ultimately it is up to our actions of faith for him to be able to open up the windows of Heaven. I have seen unanswered prayers where I’ve pled with the Lord (or someone I love has pled with the Lord) for certain desires of their hearts, which sometimes led to sorrow or confusion. “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing to receive the blessings of the Lord?” “Why doesn’t God answer me?” Are common questions. But in reflection on those times, I’ve seen God’s answers were not what I was expecting or maybe wanting, but always what would lead me to the greatest amount of happiness and ultimately drawing me nearer to my Savior.

I hope you all enjoyed conference, and again, if you didn’t get a chance to listen, it is still available to watch on Let me know your thoughts and take aways!

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  1. Juliet Jackson

    It is as we fast and pray that our Heavenly Father feels our Faith in Him and we learn to listen and hear Him and gain peace and comfort. We know that it is “thy will be done” but we need the spiritual strength that fasting and prayer brings.
    We should Hope. Hope against Hope. Believe in spite of every reason not to Believe. We must Believe that what we desire in righteousness can and will be fulfilled…for when we lose Hope what do we have left. We must have a perfect brightness of Hope and a love of all men.
    This war with the Covid-19 virus has brought a Global Economy to its knees, which is where we should have been in the first place. It will end and when it does I hope we can then work on being better and begin to free the world of hunger, poverty and violence. Loving our neighbor by showing kindness, patience and forgiveness. Only this will cure the World and give our children and our children’s children a better World.

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