Happy Easter

My boys!

We had a bit of a crazy Easter as the kids went to town on their Easter Baskets and Max was really the only one with any self control, so I’m pretty sure all Bev ate today was sugar of one form or another, Mav had a bit less and Max had the least. Typical.

They had less candy in their baskets than last year, and it was still too much! But they also got a board game and a book and enjoyed the little Easter egg hunt we had inside due to an impending extreme weather. We had a delicious dinner with our dear next door neighbors. Ham, Asparagus, homemade rolls and cookies, twice baked potatoes, and deviled eggs. We’ve been maintaining pretty strict quarantine and limiting our outings, but for one it’s hard to maintain distance from our next door neighbors since our kids are such good friends and Afton loves me so much, but it was also a nice break from social isolation.

Andy has been staying busy with working at home, making memories with the kids, and finding projects around the home. This weekend he decided to rubber mulch the play area so the kids can play with a bit more safety.

We have about 20 more bags besides what’s pictured here that we need to get to fill up the whole area.

I haven’t been sleeping well due to contractions and just end of pregnancy discomfort/insomnia. I’m super anxious for this little guy to come. If he doesn’t come soon, he has an eviction notice for April 23rd.

Not much is new for us. Things are more simple and I have to admit I’m enjoying the simplicity. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

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