We returned home from Myrtle beach last Friday, but it’s taken the whole week to recover, unpack, and get back into routines. I’m still pretty tired, but that could be due to Andy’s night shift schedule. It is always hard for me to go to bed on time when he’s on nights. Getting the kids to bed always wears me out, so you’d think I’d be done, but after taking care of the kids all day and tending to all of their needs and wants, all I want to do is relax and have some time to myself, and for some reason, rewarding myself with sleep isn’t on that list.

A digital painting of mine, inspired by Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach was a blast. We were pretty good about physical distancing while there, since we were outdoors most of the time, used masks and sanitizer in abundance. We went out to eat once with the family to an all you can eat seafood place, Benjamin’s. It’s our tradition. This year any time you went to get a new plate, you had to wear a mask, put on gloves as you served yourself and for seconds or thirds it was new gloves, new plates. It was delicious as ever. I gave Bev a full plate of shrimp and a bit of some sides. She ate all her shrimp and some veggies, surprisingly left the mac n cheese alone. She’s an odd duck. The boys and Bev ate a crab claw each, but by the time Andy and I were done cracking all their crab meat, I think we both went for alternatives for ourselves. Crab is delicious, but tedious. I had some crab that was already cracked for me in a medley of other seafood- oysters, scallops, shrimp, etc. After eating way too much, we rolled home and vegetated till we made our way down to the pool to work off some of those calories we just ingested. We played at the beach nearly every morning, except for the last day when the girls shopped and the boys went to top golf. Shopping is definitely more of Bev’s thing than mine. She loved picking out a few things— a new face mask (who would’ve thought that’d be a new accessory), a cute bandana headband that accentuated her girlie look. “Yes, I know she’s bald, but no she’s not a boy,” a common phrase I say to strangers that comment how “darling” my pink-wearing boy is. Bev thoroughly enjoyed being doted on by her older cousin Belle and when we returned home she couldn’t go a day without calling Belle on Facetime. I had to laugh, because when she called I heard Belle say, “What?!” On the other end of the phone thinking it was me, then she saw Bev’s face and it turned into a pleasant conversation, “HEY BEV!” I think Belle likes Bev as much as Bev likes Belle. I wanted to tease Belle about her initial response, but I’m sure she must’ve been in the middle of something and felt interrupted.

The boys are really good about wearing masks. It’s a bit of a battle with Bev.

Speaking of best friends, I’d say Max and Jackson are nearly inseparable. Though they both like alone time— which makes their friendship work. Their joint interests include Pokemon and Minecraft, which is not exclusive to screen time. I hear them planning and playing make believe versions of both games.

I really enjoyed the ocean this trip. My kids are getting older and a little more independent and it makes the beach a little easier (even though I have more and a newborn).

Harvey was napping with Grandma

Since returning we’ve had a mostly relaxing week. I’m having to become creative with activities for my kids. Unfortunately for them (fortunately for me), most of the activities I think of include cleaning. They’re still young so it’s not much and not super skilled labor, but it’s teaching them the importance of work before play. One morning they finished their chores an hour or more before lunch (and they’re not supposed to have screen time till after lunch). I was thrilled to see them playing make believe airplane. Max was the pilot, Bev was copilot/flight attendant and Mav was the content passenger. Their inflight service included a movie— which in reality was a blank TV screen, but it seemed to entertain them so, you know… whatever floats their boats!

He is so stinking cute

Their first flight was to Myrtle Beach. When they “arrived” they began to swim on the carpet. It was just as entertaining for me as it was for them. I’m so glad they have each other and their imaginations during this isolated time.

We were able to go to the pool yesterday at a friend’s house. We were starting to get out, dry off and I was changing Harvey into some clean clothes. When I looked up I saw Bev back in the middle of the pool, this time with no floaties. My heart kicked into fighter mode. With infant in arms, I rushed down those pool stairs. I was amazed I didn’t slip and fall with that baby in my arms and no way to balance in my speed, but I did. The whole thing felt like slow motion and my brain was in hyper mode. I felt like I couldn’t get to her fast enough, I thought of the steps of CPR if I needed it, I assessed her face, and could see it was mostly above water, but she was struggling, I noticed Harvey was fully dressed, but it didn’t matter, he could be a bit wet if needed. I grabbed her as she floundered, sputtering water. My instinct was to yell at her “Don’t you ever go into the pool without mom when you don’t have floaties on!” I am a bit ashamed that I yelled, but I was scared to death. I’m sure she was too. It took me a good hour or so before my body stopped shaking.

My dear friend lost her son in a drowning accident earlier this summer. As you all know, I’ve lost a little brother at about the age Bev is at. This age is so incredibly hard. You can’t turn your eyes away for a second. It hit home and it scared me to death.

I’m including a link in this post from President Uchtdorf about Socially distancing. He mentions the importance of being physically distant, but not socially distant. I’ve seen a few people in my immediate circle of life that are struggling because of the isolation this pandemic has caused. One of those individuals ended up “breaking quarantine” and the difference in this person’s demeanor went from depressed to relaxed in a week. This person still maintained distance and took precautions, but took themselves from the isolation and into the world. I think we need to get back to a new normal with precautions, but we need to act in faith and not fear. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/dont-mask-the-heart-dieter-f-uchtdorf.

I hope you all are doing well. In this physically distanced time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am available through text, marco polo, or phone call. Just to chat, vent, play a virtual game, whatever. Let’s stick together and thrive. Love you all.


  1. Marni Asay Burke

    I totally thought that picture of Harvey was Max, and you were posting an old pic. Holy crap Max has a Mini Me! So fun!

  2. Looks like you had fun at the beach! I’m glad Bev was okay. That is scary. I would have probably freaked out as well.

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