Making a New Normal

This week we got a taste of normalcy. Well, more of what normalcy could be. Tuesday, I got a text from my neighbor about going to the beach with them the next day. I’m not a super sporadic person, but it just so happened that Andy had that day off and so we said, sure why not? It was a great day. Andy got stung by a jelly fish, but other than that it was empty of any mishaps. My favorite parts of the day were seeing a school of dolphins swimming about ten feet from us, seeing the sunrise as we drove to the beach, and catching sand dollars and hermit crabs. Luke, my neighbor’s son, even begged me to catch more when my calf muscles began to get sore from digging my toes in the sand. We applied sunscreen several times, but we went home with red faces and shoulders. The Durrants got sun burned worse, probably thanks to our time at Myrtle Beach that built up our sun resistance. We are so grateful we’ve had these neighbors to keep us company during this otherwise very isolated time. The beaches were crowded, but about 10 or more feet lay between us and the next family, so we felt pretty safe.

I discovered I could pickup sand dollars with my feet in the ocean.
A Hermit crab I caught in the ocean… with my toes.
It was such a beautiful day!
I drew this on the way to the beach. My drive for creativity has increased lately.

Speaking of Covid, we just found out Andy’s grandma Jackson has been hospitalized for COVID. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Her husband passed away last year and I don’t think she’d mind joining him, but COVID is not a pleasant way to die, as Andy has seen on a daily basis at his hospital. His hospital is currently using multiple wings for COVID patients and even housing some in the ER. Andy was on back up for this weekend; even though two of thew new interns on the schedule contracted COVID, he didn’t have to go in because the Chief of scheduling has been double booking staff for this very reason. I’m grateful for that, because we were able to spend the weekend together. We cleaned our garage yesterday and got to attend church today.

Max was not terribly excited about going back to church, but I told him he should be excited because this is a sign that things are on the path to being more normal. After that thought he cooperated a bit more. Church was only 50 minutes long and there were only about 60 people in the entire building, spread scarcely among pews. Each family had at least an entire pew between them and the next family. We all wore masks and parents helped children partake of the sacrament so there weren’t too many grimey fingers in the sacrament trays. The meeting was tender and my gratitude for the right to worship was reaffirmed. I do feel we are being prepared for something even harder down the road. I try to avoid Facebook, because I am tired of all the fear and hate and news of all the horrors of this earth. It isn’t good to stick your head in the sand, but my heart can only take so much. President Nelson’s words at the beginning of this pandemic have strengthened my hope.

It felt so good to take a step to normalcy by going to church.

These unique challenges will pass in due time. I remain optimistic for the future. I know the great and marvelous blessings that God has in store for those who love Him and serve Him. I see evidence of His hand in this holy work in so many ways.

So, during these uncertain times, be comforted by this promise from the Savior. He said, “I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say.” I promise you that joy is always within the reach of everyone who will hear Him and obey His laws.

I love you. I pray for you. And I promise that you will receive comfort and peace as you continue to hear Him. -President Nelson March 14 2020

I look forward to the day that these feelings of isolation and fear pass. I know they will even in the months that seem to drag on. His words give me great comfort. I hope that we as a nation rise up and draw near to our Savior.

Harvey’s first day at church!

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    Yeah, you had a great weekend! We miss y’all. Hoping for a brighter future❤️

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