Harvey’s Baby blessing

We were able to virtually bless Harvey today with friends and family watching.

We were able to get away one last time before school starts. We went to the local lake for one last beach day. We were able to go with our neighbors and we took a friend’s twins with us. It was nice and sunny. I don’t have any pictures from that day. I was kicking myself later, but I do have pictures of that lake from last year.

I can’t believe school starts tomorrow! I will of course post first day of school photos next week! It has been a bit of a tough decision whether to home school Max, do “learn from home” provided by the district, or sending him to in person school. When I prayed about it, the Lord said, “ask Max.” So I did. He wanted home school until I explained it would be me teaching him math, reading, science, and social studies. He said, “What about Ms. Shoenholz?” That is the reading specialist he goes to at his elementary school, which he will fortunately get again this year. I explained he needed to go to school to get her and that’s what made him decide he needed to go back to school. To be honest, I’m not afraid of the virus. Maybe I should be. Andy sees COVID patients almost on a daily patient. Mostly older people, and the majority of those that aren’t old are there due to underlying health conditions, but then once in a while he’ll get a 35 year old with no other health conditions. But I have faith. I don’t mean that faith will keep anyone from getting sick, but since I know the Lord has directed me in the past, I can have faith that he’s directing me in this decision and I don’t feel anxious or nervous about sending him, so I know whatever will happen will be for our good. The thing I do worry about is the social and emotional aspect of sending him back. I hope that the teachers, like me, don’t carry worry and fear in their hearts because that will undoubtedly pass on to the students. I know, because I once was a teacher. One year, the principal was in charge of my evaluation. I never knew when she’d drop by my classroom, so I was always on my guard and always giving everything I had plus more. This pressure ended up causing me to have migraines daily and I tried so hard to continue to be fun, patient, and loving, but I know there were days when it just physically wasn’t possible. So anyway, we’re starting tomorrow! We’ll let him go for a month and reassess everything. Unless the schools decide to move to learn to home, I am thinking he will stay in school the whole school year.


  1. Thanks for letting us be a part of Harvey’s baby blessing, even if it was virtually! You are all awesome!

  2. Nan Theobald

    What an unusual way to be blessed, but what a blessing. So glad his name is official. I love seeing the pictures. Your family is growing up and so darling.

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