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Maverick and Beverly started preschool this past Monday. My freedom was amazing, though quickly spent with grocery shopping. Wednesday’s four hours without Bev and Mav were a lot more relaxing with a short trip to the gym for my ten minute water massage, a dentist visit, and lunch by myself at Panera. They love it and I love that they love it because it makes me enjoy that break all the more.

Mav wants to be a Dino- Rex (adominous-rex) when he grows up, he loves all things Minecraft, including the comic books, chapter books, and informational how-to books. He loves all food and his favorite sport is Baseball.
Beverly doesn’t want to grow up, her favorite book is a writing— not sure what that is. She loves pizza and running.
Contrary to what this picture implies, I am not a selfie person. But while waiting to be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday I thought I’d take one to 1) remember that despite the hard times we come out stronger and 2) so my kids could see I had a needle in my arm and I didn’t freak out and I survived.

Well on the bright side, we got answers. In fact, I’d say the Lord had quite a few tender mercies for me that night. It happened to be the ONLY night Andy had off this week, I had amazing friends. One who made me dinner and took Beverly for the entire morning (which is not an easy task) and two others who not only took Mav to preschool and brought him home, but also picked up my car from the hospital, since I was doped up on morphine. Which was another tender mercy— not just the morphine, but the fact that I made it to the hospital safely. I was not doing well at all. The second I walked into the waiting room, they pulled me back and I threw up all of whatever was left in my stomach. The doctor pushed down on my abdomen and probably caused the worst pain of my life— which led to a gall bladder ultrasound which led to answers. I apparently have rather large stones that were blocking ducts… or something along those lines. I thought that knowing this was causing my problems would also take away the lovely endoscopy and colonoscopy and upcoming echocardiogram, but unfortunately they want to make sure there isn’t more than the gall stones that is causing these episodes. The hospital managed to stop my 7th gallbladder attack with some morphine, but I went home with torticolis (kinked neck) and it still hasn’t gone away— it’s just migrated from my neck to my right shoulder. Apparently right shoulder pain is very common for gallbladder issues. Weird. And annoying.

Max adores the masks Jieun made him.
Mav and Bev are on a “train” on their way to visit grandma. Their luggage is on the floor in front of them.
Splash pads help make the long Saturdays shorter.
They fell asleep together on a twin sized bed. They can’t stand to sleep apart.
This girl. I told her she couldn’t bring her pink scooter on our walk because she wasn’t wearing shoes and she didn’t have her helmet on. Really I just didn’t want to have to carry it back up the hill. Well I could’t argue with her when she put “shoes” on (a different pair of flip flops on each foot that are both a size too small) and her bear helmet. For some reason she reminded me of “Princess Peach” in MarioKart.

I went on a walk this morning, despite feeling crummy. It was too beautiful of a day to let it pass by without a short trip around our loop. The kids all started on scooters (or in Bev’s case a swivel car), but by the end only Max was riding his scooter and the stroller became a carrier for Harvey as well as their vehicles. After this quick jaunt, Harvey had a poopy and while I was changing it, Bev tried to go poop too, and for the first time since she’s been potty trained she left a trail of poop from the mudroom to the bathroom, across the toilet and tub and all up her back. It wasn’t even a crazy amount of poop, so it was kind of amazing and horrifying how it was literally everywhere. As I bent over and cloroxed the crap out of… her crap… I must’ve pushed against my lovely companion stones because I felt like… crap… for several hours after. When Andy woke up he took over. He made dinner, let me bathe, cleaned up dinner, vacuumed and even mopped. Something I’ve been meaning to do but between my extreme shoulder pain and obnoxious tummy I haven’t gotten to it this week. We had a short sacrament meeting, dinner, and then he cleaned up while I took a scorching bath, then he quickly got ready for work and took off. Trauma is a rough month, but it is even rougher while not feeling at even half my normal capacity. As I told my RS president, I am super grateful for all the help, but it is not a comfortable position for me, I’d much rather be on the giving end.

The kids eating one of our smaller home grown watermelons— probably the most successful produce we’ve had this year.


  1. Man you’ve had so much going on Elise. You’re in my prayers. I hope the gall stones is the only answer, but I’m sorry you still have to go through all those other procedures. You’re amazing to be handling all that while mothering four kids! Hang in there 💕

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I’m happy to hear you will survive and that you’re recovering.

    Nan Oblad

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