Four appointments three procedures down! One little surgery to go.

Silver linings with all of these health issues— I’ve lost almost 10 lbs since the start of it all. The colonoscopy prep shaved off another pound, but I don’t count it unless I don’t put it back on. The colonoscopy was both easier than I anticipated and worse. Better because the prep drug- golytely was much more tolerable than the prep they gave me the first time I had a colonoscopy. The procedure was worse, however, because I still remember everything. It was not only extremely uncomfortable as you can imagine, but very painful. The doctor said, “I put on your charts for a full sedation and a pediatric scope next time…” Well that would’ve been nice THIS time, but thanks… I slept for about three hours after getting home and felt like new, better than new afterwards since my tummy was not bloated and I wasn’t hungry or running to the bathroom every five seconds. I remember before they shoved the tube down my throat that I wished I had a picture for this blog. So I guess I wasn’t thinking quite clearly on that respect, too bad the drugs didn’t have more effect than impaired thinking.

They found I tested positive for H Pylori. They’re going to double check the biopsy and then get me meds if necessary. I did have one polyp in my colon, but it didn’t look too disconcerting, but again, we have to wait for the biopsy to know anything.

I also had a COVID swab on Friday morning. I was negative, thank goodness. Then on Wednesday I had a echocardiogram. They found out I have slight regurgitations and a PFO ( a small murmur). It’s not a big deal, but it could be the cause of my migraines and dizzy spells. Luckily I can still exercise without any problem so there isn’t anything to worry about. She is going to send me a heart monitor for a two week test, but I’m not too worried about it.

I wasn’t allowed to bring kids to my echo (I asked). So my dear friend Lindsay watched Harvey for me. Afton loved it… It took Harvey a min to warm up to it.
My dear friends from Houston sent me these gorgeous flowers. It definitely brightened my day! Love you Marni, Geri, and Sabrina!

While I was getting scoped, some of the people I love celebrated their birthdays— Beverly Hansen (Andy’s Grandma, Darron Jackson (my loving father in law), and my next door neighbor— Lindsay Durrant. I wish I could’ve celebrated with all of them! But it looks like Beverly had a blast on her 90th birthday.

Don’t worry Harvey loves it.
One of Beverly’s pieces of art from school… I am pretty sure she got lots of help— a common occurrence at Wesley Preschool, I honestly would prefer one not so perfect because I’d know it was my kids work lol.. but that is for sure her handprint!
Maverick has been learning about communities. He is quite the little artist.
The color composition in this is quite on point! I posted this on my Reddit Profile and it got over 1500 likes! People said it reminded them of Road Dahl’s illustrator’s art work. I have very talented kids!

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