On the road to recovery

First off I’m super grateful my parents came to help out. They were beyond helpful. I really needed them during this time emotionally and physically and they went above and beyond. It brought me great joy to see the love Harvey had for my mom and vice versa. It also was an answered prayer because I was honestly more worried about Harvey screaming at my mom the whole time than I was my surgery. He is actually a very happy baby, especially for me, and luckily, we learned, for my mom. He loves to laugh, wrestle with Bev (she’s a lot rougher than I’d like, but he doesn’t seem to mind).

The surgery went well. It has now been almost two weeks post op. Every day towards recovery was exponentially better. I’m finally on my antibiotics for the H. Pylori and on my way to a complete recovery. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t feel pain at all and felt an increase towards my normal energy level. My body decided to celebrate with a migraine, but I still had a good day overall. Andy is on EM rotation this month which is so much better than Trauma. He still occasionally has 12(really 13) hour shifts, but for the most part they’re between 9 and 10 and I see him more often. The kids really love time with their dad and he is always good at making the most of their limited time together.

Andy and I made it on a date— a much needed one after such a long month between trauma and health issues.. Andy cleared most of that boat! (I still can’t eat much in one sitting— a blessing in disguise)


  1. Catharine Rasband

    I’m not sure I like that picture of me watching TV, but Harvey was cute

  2. I enjoyed this letter and the cute pictures. The doctor told me to do wall sits. They are hard, but Bev looks like she is saying, “What is so hard about this, Grandma? Harvey is a beautiful baby! I’m grateful you are feeling better. You have a beautiful family.

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