Family time

We had a great week with lots of time together. Andy’s schedule was a bit all over the place, but when we were together we made the most of it, and he got his first weekend off in… well quite a while. It was nice, but went way too fast.

Last Sunday we finished the evening off making homemade ice cream sandwiches. They were a hit, but too big. I couldn’t even finish it and I love ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I have been eating less than I used to due to being sick for so long, it is the best result from this whole stomach issue thing. I am down ten plus pounds and have 25 more to go, which is going to happen since eating less for so long created new healthier habits for me.

A baked sheet of veggies I make at the beginning of each week helps me have quick and easy access to delicious veggies.
We tossed out a lot of old or bulky toys and sold a couple. We sold enough to get a new, nicer (and matches my kitchen) toy kitchen. The kids have been playing with it all week. They liked the old kitchen, but it was smaller and harder for them to play on it together. They have been playing with this one without any fighting.
Max had his last football game this Wednesday. He loved being on defense and charging the quarterback.
Our good friend, Steph Secrist, took some amazing photos of our family. You can see more on my FB or instagram account.
This one is one of my favorites. It also hides andy’s mustache pretty well, which is a plus 😉 he ended up shaving it off yesterday because Harvey did not like it.
We got to attend and participate in our next door neighbor’s sons’ baptisms. Tripp and Charlie are good friends with Max and Maverick. It also made Max extra excited to get baptized next year.
We finished the week at our friend’s house (Andy’s coworker and family). They decked our kids up with Halloween fun.

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