Trunk or treat and fun times

“Princess Snow White” aka moody Beverly (she fell asleep on the way to trunk or treat and… well there’s a reason we don’t put her down for naps anymore.

I didn’t get any photos of Maverick! But he took his costume off quickly. It was too hot and humid. I will make sure I get one on Halloween… and hopefully a happier picture of Bev. Two of my friends (Andy’s coworkers’ wives) and their kids were able to come. It was great to have them. Afterwards we had smores with another family from his work as well as a potential military resident who is currently attending UT for medical school. Andy’s old med school doctor, Dr. Fairbrother called Andy to tell him about this student in hopes that Andy would put a good word in for her. He has been impressed so far. UT has a great med school program with high acuity and. It really helps build the clinical skills of their graduating physicians. Andy has been helping out with interviews this year for “fun.” He gets out of conference and gets a say in who he has to (or gets to) work with next year. He is thinking about running for chief. We’ll need to decide by December if this is something we should go for. I know if he runs, he’ll get it, so we need to make sure it’s something he really wants.

Max and Addy (Andy’s coworker’s kid).
Here are some snapshots bev took when she managed to steal my phone.. From the eyes of a two year old.. Pretty good shot of Harvey!
Andy is on an easier rotation this month so he took Maverick and Beverly to the pumpkin patch at their preschool after pickup. They were so excited (Maverick has been begging me since they put it out there)

Not a lot going on, which is a nice break. I’m really enjoying Andy’s easy month. I’m getting a lot done around the house now that I’m starting to feel better and I can’t wait to get back into exercising. I have one more week before I’m “allowed” to, but I think I’ll start back this week and just take it easier than I normally would.

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  1. Geri Briceno

    So cute!! Love all the pics!! 😍😍😍
    Sounds like your weather is like ours …Air you can wear 😉😁
    Hugs from Houston!!

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