Happy Halloween and other treats

I wrote a post last week. And published it. But it must’ve published to the trash because it has disappeared. So I’ll try and remember what I wrote, but I’ll start off with this week.

It has been so nice to have Andy around. We (as in mostly he) got the garage organized (while I was busy chasing kids around). We got our 72 hr kits ready (this really was a “we” project. I studied my scriptures last week and came across 4th Nephi when they described the people as everything opposite to what we’re facing today. I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the scripture and retain it better so I read it slowly and looked up the words that I don’t use on a normal basis and only understood due to context. The word “tumult” is another word for riot. When I read that I felt like this election could potentially cause riots one way or another and told Andy we needed to get our stuff updated. We spent a pretty penny and a good part of several days organizing and gathering, but we now feel confident we could survive in an emergent situation.

We also had to get these done before mom comes to visit because it took up the entire guest room!
With dad home more (this was after conference on Wednesday) he’s been able to get Bev’s hand me down bike in repair and help teacher to use it.
Bev got a new dress from Andy. She loves dresses!
And some pics from Halloween. here’s Andy- he dressed up as a cougar fan and Harvey dressed up as an adorable pirate
The kids got WAY too much candy

That’s all for this week. I am interested to see what the next four years brings. I wasn’t a huge fan of Trump, but I’m not sure Biden will be any better. I hope if anything, we can put aside our differences and strive to be more unified in our homes and communities. If we start there then I am sure that we as a nation can work together to regain peace and prosperity.

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