Getting in the Spirit of the Season

This week we finished getting up Christmas decor, lights, and Andy and I even finished wrapping 99% of the presents. I have been listening to Christmas music and I just really feel a drive to celebrate to the fullest this year. We’ve been talking to our kids about why we get presents on Jesus’s birthday since it’s his birthday. They were a bit puzzled at first. It kind of hit them that it was weird that they get presents when it’s His birthday. We did some brainstorming and they understood that it is about us giving to each other that is the way we celebrate our Savior. For family night we wrote down a gift we were going to give the Savior this Christmas. I have to tell you, I wrote something simple and I’m still not perfect at it.

Last week in come follow me we read Ether 12:27. I feel like 2020 has really made my weaknesses known unto me, and now I am focusing in on making those weaknesses strengths. I’ve been trying to do a few things aside from scripture study and prayer (which are the most helpful, but I’ve needed a little extra help with the things I’m struggling with). I’ve been doing some meditation a couple times a week, journaling, exercising, trying to eat healthier, drink more water, and listening to uplifting podcasts. I’ve been listening to a “Better than Happy” podcast and the one I listened to this week talked about how a lot of times our weaknesses are heightened or over exaggerated strengths (the thought of moderation in all things came to mind). This has helped me in a few ways. 1)it’s helped me be a little less harsh on myself 2) it’s helped me appreciate the good in others instead of focusing on the negative. I find that journaling all the things I’m learning and the things that have been positive or blessings in my life have been the most helpful change. In a book I’m reading, I’ve also learned that if you write out your frustrations and then throw that piece of paper away it is a physical symbol of a change of heart— us members of The Church should understand the power of a physical action to symbolize a spiritual change.

I also downloaded an app called “Happify.” It has some good activities (and some that seem less helpful, but you can weed through them). One of the activities last week was watching a two minute video on managing stress and anxiety. It said to look for evidence against the anxiety. This has helped me focus on the positive things. I have also realized that this is a lot like physical exercise— I’m not going to get my mind “in shape” instantaneously, but as I do the exercises to lead towards building those mental muscles. I have noticed a difference and doing the right thought processes about life events has come a little easier each and every day that I practice.

And now a quick recap from my week in pictures. I hope you all have a great week!

Harvey had three christmas pajamas and he is wearing them every chance he gets before Christmas or he outgrows them (whichever comes first)
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is putting together a puzzle. I usually like to do a puzzle that takes hours and hours and lasts the whole Christmas season, but this way the kids could join in and I didn’t have puzzle pieces every where.
Happy Harvey hasn’t been as happy as of late. He is teething. I can feel his bottom teeth coming in. I just hope they break ground sooner rather than later because I want my happy baby (and good sleeper) back!
“Don’t think I won’t cut you…” He has gone from army crawling (though he still dabbles in that) to full on crawling/sitting up on his own! He loves soft solids already too and is my best baby food eater by far. He can’t get enough!
Don’t get me wrong— he is still an even tempered kid, just not as happy as he usually is.
We are big fans of the Mandalorian. The kids had the option of three different shirts and all picked the same.

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  1. I hope Harvey gets his teeth in soon. I’ll have to try that podcast out. Podcasts are how I endure doing the dishes. 🙂

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