Merry Christmas!

What a simple, quiet, relaxing, and wonderful Christmas we had! My kids were pretty well-behaved all week and had a wonderful Christmas. I was thrilled to see them and Andy open the presents we got and spend so much quality time together. We had our next door neighbors over for Christmas Eve which was pleasant chaos.

Harvey in his Christmas pajamas from Grandma Jackson
My boys enjoying their new toys
Bev had a quiet way of celebrating each gift. She loved ripping open the presents (hers and Harvey’s) and then she’d run off and try on her new shoes or blow up her soccer ball, rip open the packaging to her doll. She loved it and it was so fun to watch

Max got each of us a gift from his school’s santa’s workshop. They were most likely dollar tree items (it was a fundraising event) but the joy he had in handing us our gifts and watching us open up what he had selected made those gifts some of my favorites from the day. Harvey had a blast just chewing on anything and everything in sight and the kids were thrilled with the gifts he got.

I didn’t do a Christmas card this year, so here’s a summary of the year for my family:

Andy has been busy finishing up his intern year and half way into his second year of residency all the while facing an overly full hospital and COVID cases on a daily basis. He has to done on a mask every day. I wore mine for two days straight on my journey to Utah/wedding day and it was not pleasant. Aside from that minor inconvenience he has to manage countless patience as more and more people come in for this crazy sickness on top of an already grueling residency program. I am incredibly proud of the man he is. He and I have both improved in our communication and even our patience with each other and the kids— it’s an on going process but I truly have seen improvement this year. He has supported me with our new addition— Harvey, never criticizes when I am too overwhelmed to get the house in shape or do an easy freezer dinner, and he makes me laugh every day.

I have been busy juggling our four beautiful children, dealing with gall bladder attacks and then a gall bladder removal, and becoming the master of entertaining kids in a “lockdown.” I have gained confidence in many areas of my life and feel like I’m beginning to get my pre-body body back. It’s a work in progress, but I am excited to feel more agile and energized. I’ve managed to do some painting this year as well, but I find my focus and energy is on the kids and maintaining the home.

Max is a joy to have around. I enjoyed the school shut down at the end March because it gave me more time to spend with Max. His teacher asked me if he was as sweet at home as he is at school, fortunately I could agree. He is testing for the Georgia Gifted and Talented program coming up and honestly even if he doesn’t make it, I could’ve told you he was a smarty pants. He has a million questions that never end. Thank goodness one of his dad’s hobbies includes putting echo devices in nearly every room. I have to frequently remind Max that echo is more of an encyclopedia than I am, but his questions have taught me things I never even thought to wonder about. The fastest bird is the falcon, the fastest dinosaur is the Utah raptor, and there are 5280 feet in a mile. Also it is nearly a 1000000 feet to the moon.

Maverick is our comic relief (though honestly they all make me laugh). He spends many hours perfecting his expressions in the mirror throughout the course of a year. He is well loved by his class mates and lives true to his name as being a trend setter. He loves mismatching his socks which drives me crazy because I’m too OCD to not match socks and then I get mismatched socks in the laundry all the time. He is super creative, artistic, and comes up with the craziest expressions.

Beverly went through an adjustment when Harvey was born, but soon found her joy in being an older sister. She dotes on Harvey more than I’d like her to. She decided that she sleeps better with her brothers in their full sized bottom bunk. At first the brothers tolerated it, but now I don’t think they’d want to sleep without her. She loves all things princesses, but isn’t scared to roll around in the dirt with her brothers. She is bright and expressive and full of energy and love. She gives the best hugs and kisses, just like her dad.

Harvey is a joy to have around. His smiles warm my soul every day. He laughs and plays and loves his siblings. He is way too advanced for his age and he may be our last so I’d just love for him to slow down a bit so I can soak it all in.

Truly we are blessed. I love my family. I miss our extended family, but I am so grateful for them and the support they’ve given us on this crazy medical journey. I’m excited to see what 2021 brings!

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