New Year same stuff

I was talking with some friends of mine about how despite all the craziness that is going on around us politically and pandemically, I feel at peace. I feel truly blessed to have the family I have, the life I have. I take great joy in being a mother and supporting Andy in his career. It isn’t always the most rewarding or respected choice, but I wouldn’t have my life any other way. I set some new year’s resolutions like aI do every year and I’ve been pretty good at keeping them, though not perfect and though I didn’t write it down, I should’ve made one of my goals to give myself and others more grace. We all try our best and that is what our family is going to focus on— Expecting the best in ourselves and others. This doesn’t mean to raise our expectations, but instead to expect that we are each giving our very best according to the gifts God has given us. I am trying to keep a daily record of the things I’m grateful for as well as the gifts God has given me. He doesn’t give us gifts to help ourselves, but to be there for others— to be a better mother, a better wife, a better neighbor. It is not only important to recognize the gifts God has given us in order to better serve His children, but also to recognize who we are— the divinity and potential in us. I have began my study of the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great price and find great treasures of knowledge, but the mere premise of the Doctrine and Covenants offers such knowledge and comfort— God lives! he loves us! And he answers prayers!

This week as a family, our scripture study and Family Night were focused on receiving answers from prayers and understanding the Holy Ghost. I have a testimony that God answers prayers- through experiences, through scriptures, through others, and through the power of the Holy Ghost, but learning the language of the Holy Ghost is a life long pursuit. Teaching kids the gospel can be challenging. Getting them to focus without losing your temper (and consequently losing the spirit which is the ultimate teacher) is sometimes the biggest challenge, but when I hear my children’s prayers I know that we must be doing something some what right. Their prayers are heartfelt and sincere. Sometimes they talk about their day with Jesus. Bevy said a five minute prayer that was purely things she was grateful for. Maverick always prays for Jesus to have a good day and I take great joy in hearing them connect with their Father in Heaven.

My sisters and I. They are such lovely ladies and I am so grateful they’re my sisters and friends.


  1. Love you all!

  2. Beautiful, I love knowing we are all in the same boat just doing our best. Love you friend.

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