Finally Beautiful Weather

This last week was pretty good! Andy and I got to go on a date mid week which really filled up my quality time canteen with him before he launched into five nights of 14 hr night shift. Two more nights (tonight and tomorrow!) and then two day shifts and we’re home free of this PICU rotation. In fact, the only other rotation he’ll have in the ICU is this summer while I’ll be in Utah for a good chunk of it. He does have one next year for a month at the base, but it shouldn’t be too bad since they’re not as busy. We went to his post ITE exam residency celebration on Wednesday. It was entertaining and super fun to see Andy with his colleagues and in his element. He is well- loved by his coworkers and respected. Another amazing thing from this week was the weather! I guess I didn’t contribute my slump the past few days to be due to weather but it had been rainy almost non-stop since Christmas. Finally it has been 50-80 degrees this week and since it’s also a full moon it has been amazing to send my hyper werewolf children outside for the good chunk of the day. It has made these long night/day shifts go by faster. I’ve been busy chasing Harvey around, keeping the house clean and running, managing children, homework, etc. But I’ve also gotten to spend sometime playing games with my Dad and brother and a bit on Xelda on the Nintendo Switch. It has been good relaxing therapy for me since I don’t get much interaction with adults. Andy and I make every minute we have together quality, but they are short and sweet. I am looking forward to life when he’s an attending and has less shifts! Here are some snap shots from my week. I have a blog from last week I have yet to finish, but it includes more on my spiritual studies so stay tuned if you like. I’ll try to have it out tomorrow afternoon.

Harvey’s best friend. Not sure “Jeeves” (aka Roomba, aka “Jesus”- according to Bev) feels the same. Harvey is very stingy with his kisses and I’ve seen him land one on Roomba. He tries to get Jeeves to come out and play with him every day.
Max used his allowance to get a Nintendo switch game. It arrived in the mail and I told him I could go get it after dinner, but he couldn’t wait, so he dragged our toy wagon all the way down there to get the mail. I wish I had a video or picture of him dragging it up that hill.
Mom is too tired to be as cute as my friend Hope, so I bought a Green eggs and Ham t-shirt for Mav and let him bring our Dr. Seuss stuffies. He didn’t seem to care or notice that his “costume” was just a shirt. So I call it a win.
I let the kids read in bed at night while I get Harvey to sleep. I went back to read them a story and tuck them in fifteen minutes later and they were passed out.
We did church at home today so Andy could join us for sacrament (he is on 14 hr nights at the hospital) so I consented to her pick for church. I admit, she does look darling.

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