Happy Anniversary Andy!

Andy and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. He got me a beautiful right hand ring that makes me smile every time I see it. I got him (I should say he got himself) a switch blade knife. I think he gets the same feeling every time he sees it. Life has been busy but pretty uneventful so I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently. I’ve been working on some things so that’s been occupying my thoughts and time. But I love you all. Here are some pics from my life.

We celebrated at “Cork and Flame” It was delicious and a very fun experience.
This is the dress I wore to our luncheon on our Wedding day. I was super excited it still fit!
Andy got me a bouquet for our anniversary.
One of our kids’ favorite pastimes is hanging out in dad’s jeep.
This hotty had a group project where they dressed as pregnant moms to do ultrasounds. Their group name was “your mom does ultrasound.”
Andy has been taking our kids to the trampoline park Saturday mornings. The kids absolutely love it.
Harvey eats EVERYTHING
We had a crazy weather day Thursday (also I was sick) so Max stayed home. He still has a thing for trains.


  1. Andy Jackson

    Looking good. I do think of you every time I see my knife. I love you more than anything.

  2. Juliet Jackson

    You didn’t show a picture of your ring.

  3. Juliet Jackson

    You didn’t post a picture of your ring.

  4. You look beautiful Elise. Happy Anniversary!

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