Roller coaster week

This week went by fast, but some days felt long. Andy’s grandma passed away this week. It was a bitter sweet thing. We were so grateful she was no longer in pain from her fall and grateful for her reunion with her husband who passed eleven years ago, but she will be very missed. She made me smile every time I talked to her.

Harvey has HFM (hand foot mouth). The poor guy is miserable which makes me a little miserable (try three days of him screaming, not eating, not sleeping well, and only wanting to be held). I kept my cool remarkably well. Not sure where he picked it up. Maybe preschool, but it doesn’t matter, because here we are. I am grateful that I’m married to a physician because there were quite a few worrisome moments and Andy helped me keep my cool and believe he’d survive the fever, the lack of appetite, etc.

To add insult to injury (or in this case, sickness), his big ol head fell into the hinge on the door. He gets so many bumps on his head, because he’s so top heavy. I have a hard time squeezing his head into his shirts sometimes.

I won’t lie, I’ve enjoyed the sweet cuddles in between the screaming. He’s too busy most of the time to snuggle up to me. Here’s an example of what he’s normally busy doing.

He has mastered using objects to get to things out of his reach… things that are SUPPOSED to be out of his reach. It’s a full time job keeping him safe.

Not everything was bad this week! They had Monday and Tuesday off for “fall break.” Admittedly, I was kind of lame on Monday and took them to the gym… the older boys were excited to go, because they haven’t been in a year or so, but when my workout took longer than they expected I was told it was boring. Oh well, I’ve heard it’s good for kids to be bored once in a while. They didn’t mind spending the rest of the day playing at home and going to the park as a family to have McDonalds and play time.

I made up for the “lame” vacation day by taking them to the zoo on Tuesday. Andy had to work, but we sent him lots of pictures.

We had two sports games and a birthday party before Harvey got really sick. They boys played well. Maverick tried lefty this time… just for fun. He’s a goof ball.

Max’s football team, the Bulldogs, is undefeated! They’re the smallest kids in their league, but it doesn’t seem to stop them.

And that’s it! This next week will be a mad dash to get things ready for my amazing mother-in-law who is flying in Saturday evening to watch our kids till Thursday evening while Andy and I go to ACEP- an Emergency Medical conference. I know how crazy this mothering gig is so I’m going to try and get things taken care of as much as possible before hand. My new calling as first counselor in the Relief Society has kept me pretty busy lately too, but it has been so fulfilling to work with this presidency and get to know the sisters of my ward better. COVID really made it difficult (is making it difficult), but I’m hoping we’re nearing the beginning of a new era.

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