Merry Christmas this week!

Not much to report. Just busy with kiddos and enjoying Andy’s company. I got to spend some time with friends and their girls on Friday morning which was a nice pick me up. I’ll write more next week to report on Christmas shenanigans. But love y’all a lot!

Maverick has been really interested in my guitars lately. He isn’t quite big enough to hold it correctly, but I love exposing my kids to the joys of making music.
I’ll be honest, this has been most of my week, following this guy around and cleaning up after him. He’s a hot mess. Plus he really wants to talk, but doesn’t know more than 10 words so when he can’t communicate he just screams… There’s a lot of screaming. My hearing and sanity are still here, but not sure for how much longer :). But I sure do love this guy. He’s stinking cute.

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