I’m not going to lie. This week felt like it went on forever. The kids didn’t have school Monday and didn’t want to go to the gym so I conceded. I also just felt super tired allll week. Like dragging my feet out of a tar pit tired, pry my eyes open with a toothpick tired. I went and did some physical therapy on Tuesday and it felt good, but it took everything in me to get it done. Then Wednesday I got some acupuncture or “dry needling.” I had heard “you don’t even feel the needle,” and “you’ll only feel a release.” Well those are kind of true, but no one told me the “release” would feel like a spasm jolting down my entire right side. Funny thing is, it kind of worked. I mean I still feel a lot of pain in my right hip, but no where near as bad as before and only when I’m sitting or lying down, where as before it was bothering me even while standing or walking. Will I do it again? I’m not sure. Maybe. I’m going to try a nice relaxing deep tissue massage before resorting back to dry needling. I’ve also been upping my intake of water and guess what– it actually affects everything in your body! Go figure. I had/have an eye infection and did a week of steroid drops and the eye is still struggling so my doctor gave me one day contacts, some moisturizing ointment for bedtime, and a plea for me to drink more water. So I have. It has helped that and my head, and my appetite, and TMI, my digestive system. So water really is a good thing. lol. Who would’ve thought? Now to keep it up.

Despite my health lagging and making the week seem to drag on, we had some good times too! Andy and I got to go out twice this week, which kind of makes up for the fact that we won’t next week and didn’t get to the first few weeks of February. We went to the ITE celebration (that is a post test party for those who have no clue what ITE is) I love these parties because I get to meet the people Andy interacts with on a semi daily basis. It’s nice to put names to faces and I understand why he likes the people he likes…. and those he struggles with. Plus any excuse to go out with Andy is a good time.

We got to go out again Friday night with some newish friends. Every time we’ve gotten together with them we have a blast. We have a lot in common and they’re also resident/resident’s wife but in the orthopedic realm. It’s nice to commiserate with Steph on the woes of this mostly husbandless journey.

Harvey continues to be a nuisance. Love the little dude, but goodness it is hard to keep up with his energy level. I was busy cleaning the kitchen post breakfast and went upstairs to help the kids get ready to go to the gym and then park and discovered a puddle of toilet water on my bathroom floor. I begin cleaning that up and meanwhile Harvey has moved downstairs to do the same to the toilet on the main floor, only this time he gets creative and throws a toilet paper roll in the toilet with strands of the wet paper hanging out of the toilet and across the floor. So I clean up that only to find Harvey has escaped out the front door and is running down the street. The kid has no fear either. Luckily the garage was closed or I’m sure I would’ve seen him on his little red swivel scooter gliding fearlessly down the hill. It isn’t a wimpy hill either. I heard a talk last Sunday where the sister and her family were skiing. One son took to the slopes effortlessly while the older brother really struggled. He said to his mom, “I wish I was as brave as Ethan.” His mom said, “Ethan isn’t brave, he’s just too stupid to know how scary it is. You’re only brave if you understand the danger.” And that got me wondering if Harvey’s genius is actually just blind stupidity cause he hasn’t experienced enough to know how scary his actions are. I remember last summer he fell down my parents’ wooden staircase. I thought, surely this will keep him from going to the stairs, but it was quite the opposite. He was drawn to the stairs like a moth to a flame. That is how he is with anything that may be difficult at first. He tries and tries and tries his new found skill until he masters it. So when you see lots of bruises on my poor child, know they are self-inflicted and I do everything I can to keep him as safe as possible.

Max has been enjoying his new bedroom. Surprisingly he has kept it pretty immaculate since moving in there. It’s about 9 pm and I hear his surprisingly loud footsteps in his room. I go in to check on him at night and he is either reading or working on a comic book. I love his new love for reading so staying up a little later is so far ok with me.

Mav and Bev are still the best of frenemies. They love to poke each others’ buttons but they also love playing together. Bev frequently tells me how much she misses her brothers during the school day. Last week I had to take Bev to preschool before heading to my dry needling appointment. I left Harvey at Afton’s house and you would’ve thought I had given him a first class ticket to Disney world and Bev wasn’t invited. She screamed at me all the way to preschool and only stopped when we got there because it would be too embarrassing for her to show that kind of emotion in front of her friends. But she still clung to my side like I was dropping her off at a fire department. While waiting to go inside, a little girl from her class came up to her and grabbed her hand. Suddenly this distraught daughter of mine was on her way to CandyLand by the pep in her step. I was so grateful for that kind little action of her friend. It reminds me that I need to look to do the little things to brighten somebody’s day. Hope you have a blessed week!

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