At long last…

This week was a celebration of long awaited events, as well as a few mishaps. Let’s start with the good stuff. Andy is FINALLY coming to a close of his medical training. Four years of undergrad (not to mention his military medical training, four years of medical school, and three years of residency! It is interesting because even as I say that, it doesn’t feel real. Despite having a graduation ceremony with the military, he still has a civilian graduation, 13 more shifts (including the one he is currently working), a written board exam and an oral board exam, and of course continuing education. He has been trusted a lot this past year by his attendings that they do little to “oversee” him, but especially lately. These board exams are going to have to continue into his career, which is a safety measure the government has put in place to ensure Doctors are staying fresh and current with medical research. I know that he will do phenomenally as he transitions from resident to attending. He has mentioned it’ll be a little weird because he’ll be the attending at both AU and Eisenhower, the two hospitals he was a resident at. But they trust him and he has earned that through multiple critical care experiences. I would say critical care is probably Andy’s strong suit. He is able to command a room in a crisis and has saved many lives. I mentioned in the talk I posted a couple of weeks ago that he is a black cloud at work. I believe this is because God trusts him to give the best care to His children as they come in this critical time of need.

The graduation ceremony was outside in 90+ degree weather at the base. We were all a little dehydrated and very sweaty by the end, but it was fun to celebrate the culmination of the past three years. Here are some photos.

Another long awaited event came to fruition. The boys have been so excited to watch the new Jurassic World movie since the day they found out that there was going to be one. Max was even more excited when he found out the release date was close to his birthday. Andy let him invite his friend Taylor (probably more of an excuse to invite his friend, Matt). We had a blast though Bev was a little tired by the end. The Woods are a bit of a new friend with us, but we’re a good fit. I like Matt’s wife, they have four kids along the ages as our kids (minus their baby and ours– they’re about two years apart). Matt and Andy get along really well. The story of how we became friends is pretty funny. I knew Steph through a Facebook group, “Lives of Doctor Wives, LDS branch.” When she moved to Augusta I answered some questions for her on that group about the area. She had told me her husband was going into Orthopedics. The next year another member from that group was moving to the area, her husband also an Orthopedic resident. I thought I’d help them get to know each other since I know how helpful residents’ wives can be in the survival of residency. We had a big dinner with both families. We hit it off instantly with the Woods and do stuff with them as often as their crazy schedules allow.

We’ve gotten into a pretty good routine. Chores, gym, pool, reading, quiet time, dinner, repeat. We’ve intermixed some play dates and library visits along with errands. The kids have been fun, a little crazy today so I feel a little spent, but they grow so fast I gotta remind myself to embrace the crazy a little. I have a little bit of anxiety about the crazy after this week though. My sister reminded me that early Thursday morning (while MarcoPoloing her) I told the kids to settle down because every time they rough house someone gets hurt. Well, I guess I jinxed myself because that evening we had investigators and the missionaries over for dinner. The kids got a little crazy with their kids and Mav bashed his face into the couch, probably thinking he was hitting the soft part, but his teeth made impact with the wood portion of the couch and pushed his teeth back. An ER visit five hours later determined that his teeth couldn’t go back into place because they were his baby teeth and his roots had already dissolved and there was nothing to hold them in place. They put some cement back there and said that when they fall out (sooner rather than later) that it wouldn’t be a big deal, but he’d be toothless for a little longer than normal. He was in a lot of pain and still a little sore and cries out in pain if it gets bumped, but they’re still rough housing and crazy, so wish me luck.

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