General Conference Weekend

Conference falls on lunch time and dinner time. We got some fun snacker/ appetizer type food for dinner. The kids thought it was a real treat, but I think Andy enjoyed it the most.

What stood out to me the most this weekend is standing strong and immovable. I talked about this a few weeks ago, but nourishing our spirit is as important as feeding our bodies. It is our testimony that we are strengthening as we nourish our spirit. We can strengthen our testimony by doing the basic religious daily habits of prayer and scripture study, but there were two more things that were mentioned this weekend about strengthening our testimonies or our spirit. The first was that those who bear their testimony are doing more to strengthen their own than the affect it will have on those they are sharing it with. I sincerely hope that when I share my testimony that it is touching someone’s heart, but ultimately, every time I do share my testimony whether in action or word, my own becomes stronger. I think that is one of the most important reasons young men have been asked to serve a mission, because when you spend one and a half to two years sharing the gospel and standing as a representative of Christ, it seems near impossible to leave your mission without feeling closer to your savior. I say near, because I saw men and women who served with the wrong intent or didn’t serve with their heart and it is sadly little surprise to me that they no longer associate themselves with the church.

The second additional way to strengthen your spirit is through acts of charity. When I watch conference these days, I jot down any spiritual impressions that come to my mind. This must be something that I need to work on, because it was one of the only things that I felt impressed upon to change– is to find empathy for others. Often times I dismiss the struggles of those around me and attribute it to their own actions, but truly this isn’t empathetic or even sympathetic. If we are to merely read the scriptures and pray then are we living the gospel with real intent? The gospel of Jesus Christ is much more than a checklist, it is a way of living. It is what we are thinking and feeling as much as it is what we are doing. How do we gain more charity? In Moroni it states, “We must pray unto the father with all the energy of heart, that we might be filled with this love.” I think practicing with charity towards others also helps us perfect charity for others. That scripture is one of my favorites because not only is it the essence and purpose of the gospel, but it includes so much information on who we can become and who our Savior is. It promises blessings in actions of charity and shows the way to a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Aside from this emphasis of the gospel that I felt, I felt an overwhelming sense of truth from these men and women. Their testimonies resonated with my soul. I could see the years of dedication and sincerity in their testimonies. I am so grateful we live in a church that is led by the Savior himself. It is so comforting to know I have a source to look when the world seems in such commotion and derision.

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