A fun and busy week.

Last Sunday we had dinner and s’mores with one of our family friends. We love the Woods. They’re wholesome, fun, and down-to-earth, keep-it-real type of people. We love hanging out with them any chance we get. And it helps that our kids are pretty close to the same age!

Football games are in full swing. We had three this week! Three more weeks of games before it’s all over. Andy is mostly enjoying coaching, but it’s been tough because so much sickness has been going around Evans that it is hard to keep his players practiced and present. He’s constantly juggling positions just to have a full team. His defense is doing pretty well. The offense is continuing to work on it. If they could manage to play how they practice they’d do so much better. Max is loving having his dad as a coach. He hasn’t complained about going to football games or practice once this year. Don’t think I make him play, he’s always begging me to sign him up, but you know how kids are, going to practice twice a week can be exhausting when you don’t get off the bus till close to 5.

Harvey and Beverly’s Preschool is so fun! They have an annual pumpkin patch where they let the kids pick out a small pumpkin to take home. They always do tons of hands on activities and it is also a nice break for mom.

Maverick’s 2022 Baseball season came to a close this week. We had too much going on this weekend for him to go to the end of season party, but he sure had fun. I think this has been a really good sport for Maverick to work on his focusing skills.

I got to go to Maverick’s school’s field trip at Steed’s Dairy. Harvey tagged along too. We had so much fun, we’re taking the whole family this next Saturday.

We also managed to make it to the school’s fall festival. It was a lot of fun… until Maverick’s candy got stolen right before we were going to leave. Luckily a nice first grade teacher saw him sobbing and offered for him to take a handful of candy before we left.

Since I’m a part of the Young Women’s organization, I got to help with Trunk-or-Treat this year. It was “Nightmare before Christmas” themed. It was a lot of fun. We had a chili cook-off and though I didn’t win any awards, my chili was a hit, because I had nothing to bring home. Afton and Beverly dressed up as the pink and blue sleeping Beauty and stuck around each other most of the night. Harvey was a triceratops and loved his costume until it got too hot and quickly shed it to run around in nothing but shorts. He was a pro at trick-or-treating by the end of the night. He had about three different young women following him around because “He’s just so cute!” So I didn’t even have to take him around… though I did for a bit because I didn’t want to miss it.

Here are some random snap shots from our week. See ya next week!

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