Happy President’s day!

We are lucky to have a really pretty setting in our back yard. We hope it continues to stay undeveloped so we can enjoy the luscious greenery.

This past week went by quick, so quick, in fact, that I ran out of time on Sunday (and Monday) to write my blog. I was in charge of “Great to be baptized” for our primary. Those who are eligible to be baptized this year were invited. It was cute to see the excitement and curiosity in the kids that attended. I talked briefly and showed them the font, hoping to erase any fears of the unknown for them. I told them that the gospel is quite simple and I like to compare it to riding a bike uphill. If we stop repeating the basics of pedaling in the gospel (or applying faith, repentance, renewing our baptismal covenants, and following the Holy Ghost) then we sometimes fall off the bike or go backwards. Sometimes it hurts bad and sometimes it only hurts a little, but all we need to do to stay on the path is to get back on the bike and try again, because that’s the whole point of the gospel.

Last week went by fast. I got to prepare for that, go on a valentine’s date with Andy, and get ready for my in-laws quick trip and then BAM the week was gone! We did have fun though! Here’s a quick look at our week:

We got some fun visitors over the weekend! Andy’s sister and niece were headed to Atlanta with Grandma for some photo shoots and Cheer stuff. They stayed the nights at our house, spent Friday in ATL doing all that fun stuff and then got to spend Saturday with us! We visited our favorite Augusta treasure: the Savannah Locks. It’s a gorgeous walk with a lot of memories for us. I am so mad I didn’t take more pictures with Jacque, Belle, and Grandma, but I was pretty busy trying to keep Harvey from sliding off into the river. Unfortunately that kid has no self-preservation. Either way, it was a lot of fun to talk with and walk with Andy’s family.

I was too busy enjoying my kids to take many pictures of the flowers, but these ones were some of my favorites. The gardens exploded with floral scents and despite it being pretty early in the growing season, there were blooms everywhere.

And some other shenanigans from the week:

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