Oh Daylight savings… how I loathe thee.

Baseball practice is in full swing, which was an adventure, since Andy had work nearly every night this week and therefore missed all the practices. It’s not too bad getting all four kids to practice now that they’re a little older, but bedtime is still a struggle when they’ve missed the opportune window. Kids seem to get a second wind or turn into gremlins after the 8 o’clock hour.

Not much is new this week. Just getting projects done around the house, loving on the kids, and surviving the swing shifts. I got to substitute singing time in church today, which was a lot of fun. The kids get very excited to try the new song in different ways. I got to visit my friend Pat on Wednesday. She told me she really appreciated me coming by, but the thing is, it doesn’t feel like service when you enjoy it so much! I am blessed to have such great friends in this area that bring me joy when I serve and vice versa. I love this area and know God led us here.

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