Spring break Recap

This past week was Mom’s recovery from spring break. I couldn’t get pictures to work for the blog last week, so I’m moving a piece of last week’s blog to this one to include the pictures.

I had a wonderful time with our dear friends, the Ingles. They came so Stephen could work the Masters, but stayed most of the week with us (and shared some of their time with their old neighbors). We spent the night at Tybee Island Monday night and they rejoined us Easter weekend for our Easter celebration. I had a wonderful time learning about their methodist Easter traditions and I really enjoyed sharing our church service with them! We had some very uplifting gospel conversations throughout the week which was a wonderful reminder of the reason for our celebration. It is so fun to have a friend who loves the Savior as I do with a different perspective so we can learn from each other. I learned about the color changes of the robes on the crosses that some Christian churches put up around Easter and it was very touching! They change it from purple (royalty) to white on Easter Sunday for the resurrection.

When the Ingles weren’t with us, we stayed home and did some crafts, did some ceramic painting at Artsy Me, and went to the theater to see Mario. They all loved that movie! I thought it was pretty cute too and I really enjoyed snuggling Harvey who fell asleep the last 20 minutes of the movie.

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