How does the Spirit speak to you?

In 2nd Nephi, in the Book of Mormon, he states, “31:For my soul delighteth in aplainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the bunderstanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their clanguage, unto their understanding.”

The Lord has spoken to me in many different ways, but one of the most prevalent is through the scriptures and latter-day revelation. I have had some things pressing on my mind the past couple of weeks and the coolest thing has happened. As I have read my scriptures, attended church, sought council from friends and family members, and attended a Relief Society conference, there was a quote from President Nelson that has been specifically repeated in all of these situations. I am guessing the Lord really wants me to know and internalize this quote.

In April of 2018, a year before Covid would rock the world, the prophet of our church said, “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.”

I know why this quote has been resonating in my soul, even before anyone quoted it to me, but there is another message that the spirit is telling me from this quote, and this is where personal revelation comes in. The spirit is telling me, “Elise, I KNOW you. I know what you’re going through, and I am still here, listen.” I have heard him so strongly lately. I hear him in conversations, in scripture study, in church, and prayer, but also in the normal mundane coincidences of my day. I saw him in the book I just finished, “Well of Ascension,” by Brandon Sanderson. I see him in the service of those around me.

I was trying to explain the Holy Ghost to my kids and I used the very common metaphor of the wind. “Can you see the wind?” “No.” “But can you see it move the trees? Do you feel it on your face? Does wind exist?” “Yes.” In our finite, mortal minds, there are many questions that we have yet to answer and some of those questions are “fluff,” but others bring us closer to our Father in Heaven and closer to becoming the people he wants us to be. So how do I insure I have the “constant” influence of the Holy Ghost in my life? Well, after receiving that Gift after baptism, I am promised that it will always be with me as I keep my baptismal covenants: remember my Savior, strive to keep His commandments, and take His name upon me. That is a lot, and luckily we have daily repentance and weekly renewal with the sacrament. But our Heavenly Father knew and expected us to make mistakes. In fact, repentance is one of the five main principals of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That means that the atonement isn’t there IF we make mistakes, but making mistakes was already a part of God’s plan.

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