Fast week not much to say

I’m 90% healed now! My heel still feels bruised when I walk too long and my elbow is still scabbing, but it’s almost there, but all of my other bruises and scrapes feel so much better now. It’s amazing how much more quickly you bounce back when you’re young, but I have a lot more sympathy for my kids when they skin themselves on the pavement. We have been busy with sports nearly every evening and juggling homework. I take Mav to baseball, Andy takes Max to football. I miss watching Max play, but I can’t be in two places at once and I love supporting Maverick in baseball. He’s gotten so much better this year and takes it a lot more seriously. Beverly LOVES dance. She does two hours every Saturday and told me yesterday that it wasn’t long enough. But it is for me, because with her in all day Kindergarten, I miss having my mini me around.

Andy, the kids, and I have gotten into a good routine though. We’ve incorporated some journaling with Max to help him improve his writing, Mav is good to get his piano practicing done every day along with an additional fifteen minutes of reading aside from what we do as a family at night. Bev is eager and willing to practice her sight words after school, though she struggles with decoding, but she’ll get there. And Harvey is fine to do whatever as long as he is in the same room as me– until the older kids get home, then he is too busy playing with them to bother with mom. It’s amazing how much more time I have even though I still have one kid at home. I’ve been consistent with my workout schedule and even upped my weights this week. I get time to paint and draw and get some long awaited projects done around the house. I am going to really enjoy this next stage of life before we enter the heavily warned teen era.

Aside from sports and dance, we managed to have fun with some friends at Grant’s birthday party. He was so sweet to invite our whole family! And they all had a blast. We feel so blessed to have such good friends that live so close.

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