And we’re back

We finished winter break off with a bang. On Monday we went to the gym, then back to the outdoor “wilderness” playground we had visited the week before. On Tuesday I took the kids to the church gym to play with friends while I got a workout. Then on Wednesday we went to the zoo (even though we had been there a week before). The kids loved the Christmas lights from the week before, but were disappointed the animals weren’t around, so we headed back this week to get one last hoorah before school was back in session and satisfy their desires to see the animals. Harvey could live with animals. He LOVES them. He also seems to be a bit of an animal whisperer. On Thursday, when the older kids were all back to school, Daisy seemed to be having a panic attack. She was so shaky. Harvey just sat by her, snuggled her, and gave her lots of lovings. She’s doing fine now.

Harvey is going to be the hard one to get back on to routine. Any time we leave the house now, he tells me he’s “sick.” He is NOT sick. He just doesn’t want to leave the house. I bribed him with Costco lunch if we could get to the store together, which he enjoys, but his real prize for going with me was a pair of PJ’s that he has not wanted to take off since we got them… I will have to sneak them from him some how to wash them before tomorrow…

I had another abominable abdominal migraine. It was horrible. I don’t wish it on my worst enemy… not that I have one of those, but if I did, I wouldn’t want them to suffer through one of these. The first time I got one I had no idea what was wrong with me I just felt SICK. But now that I know the drill, I know if I just hang out by the toilet for a few hours that eventually it’ll pass. About six hours after the start, the abdominal stuff stopped and I was left with a painful, but not unbearable migraine headache. By bedtime it felt like it had mostly subsided, but I woke up with a minor one. However, as I bore my testimony about faith, and enduring when feeling like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my migraine finally disintegrated and I sat down feeling a lot better, just wiped out from feeling so crummy for over 24 hours. Aside from that annoyance, I had a very productive two days at home with Harvey. We went through clothes, set up my art desk, cleaned floors and bathrooms, cut his hair, sewed some things, and all in all played catch up from two weeks of having everyone home. I loved Christmas, but I also love new beginnings. I’ve really enjoyed setting and striving to keep new goals, and looking to change my mindset on somethings and improve certain areas of my life. I guess we’ll see when the end of this year roles around how faithful I am at keeping my atomic habits that will hopefully lead to bigger, better changes.

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