Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! This picture is not the best quality…. but it does capture their essences pretty well. Bev is being a stinker and hiding from the camera. Maverick is distracted, Harvey can’t hold still, and Max is trying to be the boss and put Harvey’s face in the right direction (for some reason Max is always sticking his hands on people’s heads when we take pictures…) I am super grateful that I get to call this man the father of my children. He is the perfect balance to me and we make a great team raising these kiddos. He finally recovered from a very long week at another hospital and then got thrown in to back to back 4 PM-2 AM shifts on Father’s Day, no less. He’s a trooper, for sure. I celebrated him with some gifts picked out by the kids, some cards, and a big ol’ homemade breakfast with yeast waffles, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs. We’ll send him to work with a delicious Lasagna.

This week has been a bit of a long one, to be honest. I was feeling a bit under the weather with some weird heart flutterings, dizziness, and fatigue and then we hosted a farewell/birthday party for our dear friends, the Deharts. They left after sacrament meeting today to go to their new location three hours away. Tears were shed, but the one who will be missing them most hasn’t quite understood that they’re gone: Harvey. Their daughter, Izzy, has been our babysitter the past two years and he has grown quite attached, but so has she. I’m not sure when it’ll hit him… probably when we get a replacement babysitter, but he will be none-too-happy.

Aside from cleaning house, we cleaned out Max and Mav’s rooms, did some organizing in my own, and I’m continuing to work on my painting and novel-writing. I’m over halfway finished and it is getting good!

As a token to the other father’s in my life, especially my dad and father-in-law, I’m truly grateful to the legacy they have built and have passed down to us, their kids. I hope that we can be a reflection of their resilience, hard-work, and faithfulness. The love and support they have shown to me and my family have been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Every home needs a father as awesome as the men in my life. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that, and pray for that for those who may not yet have such a father figure.

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