Happy Halloween

After our Boston trip we swung right into Halloween celebrations. We went to Mav’s end of season Tball celebration, Trunk or Treat, and then trick or treating with friends.

Andy got his 200th intubation right after getting back from ACEP. It is actually quite a feet even with COVID. He is known as the “black cloud” at work and frequently gets a huge number of very sick patients so he has a lot more procedures logged than a lot of his co-residents merely because of opportunity.

Maverick had a lot of fun with t-ball this season and his coaches were a lot of fun too!

And finally the end of Max’s foot ball season. It was so much fun to watch and Max’s team went undefeated the entire season, including skirmishes before the start of the season. I remember going to the practices before the games began and wondered why the coaches spent so much time teaching the kids how to huddle, stand in a line and stand in position before the start of a play, but after watching their team and the other teams I realized that those simple actions taught them a lot of discipline, listening, working as a team, and the importance of the little things in life. This seems like an analogy of life in general. When we forget the little things in our life, the bigger things seem to turn to chaos just like the other teams. Max’s team was the smallest in the league, but the other teams were disorganized, sometimes even tackling their own team mates or blocking them from running down the line. While Max’s team, though small, was mighty because they worked as a team, listened and followed directions, and paid attention to the things that mattered most. I have to say that their coaches were amazing. Not only did they teach the fundamentals, but when a player would miss a play they never yelled at their players in frustration. They only guided and coached along the sidelines. It was really fun to watch and not gonna lie, it felt really great to win.

Last, but not least, we got family photos done! We’re sending out Christmas cards this year (hopefully) so if you want want please send me your address! Here’s a sneak peak

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  1. I’m not sure “the black cloud” is the best nickname to have, but I’m glad that he’s getting a lot of experience!

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