Happy Thanksgiving and Happy birthday Bev

This blog isn’t supposed to be monthly, ideally I’m aiming to write weekly, but life has been so busy! Bev is turning 4 this week! And fortunately we are able to celebrate Thanksgiving with Andy’s family so we won’t be in town, so we did a mini birthday party/ tea party for Bev and her two friends on Friday morning. It was simple and sweet and they had so much fun getting to use Bev’s tin tea set to poor real juice (I usually don’t even let them do water, because then I have water all over my floors).

I’m so grateful for this daughter of mine. She makes me smile, is so affectionate, and thrives on attention. She loves her brothers fiercely and is passionate about a lot of things. I can’t wait to see what she does with her life. Love you Bev

Maverick and his class had fun this week learning all about Thanksgiving and it reminded me so much of when I was a kid. I love living in the south. Andy and I also got to teach Maverick about his Cherokee heritage and before this week he didn’t seem to understand what that meant, but when we told him this week he was so excited to tell his teacher about it. He had me teach him how to spell Cherokee so he could write it down to tell his teacher. He is picking up reading and spelling so fast. Though I still wonder if it’s more memorization than understanding, but he’ll get there!

Though I don’t have a lot to write about since my last blog post, I’ve been busy painting, making Christmas gifts, and chasing kids around. Sometimes just normal life seems to take over, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stay tuned for vacation photos next Sunday. Finally a trip WITH Andy. Looking forward to even more in the future as we near the end of his residency.

I wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday and was on my way to take Bev to Preschool when one of my best friends/ next door neighbor offered to take Bev to the zoo. I felt bad I wasn’t able to go with them, but they had so much fun on their girl date! I’m so grateful for friends like Lindsay.

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