Conference Weekend!

Twice a year our church hosts a conference. There are five two-hour sessions. It’s a lot of church, but it always leaves me with a desire to do better, be better and gives me a sense of hope and peace for our future, despite the tumultuous times we live in. I usually notice trends that are talked about amongst the speakers. I’ve realized that sometimes these trends I pick up on are mostly apparent to me because of what has been on my mind. This year I would say the most common theme was missionary work.

One of the things I like to do for conference is have a project that keeps my hands busy. It helps my ADHD brain stay more engaged and focused. (As long as kids or husband aren’t trying to talk to me.. any time words are involved my focus is gone). I posted a few pictures of some of the projects I completed. I started with the medicine cabinet. I measured the shelves and did a target pickup for 10.5×7″ bins. I took all they had so I had to adapt and get slightly bigger ones for some of the other shelves, but those worked out too, because I had more stuff to pack in together. I also organized my car. I took EVERYTHING out, got rid of trash, duplicates of stuff (chapsticks, etc.), and put in only what I would need. I redid my emergency bag, restocked my small pill case, and filled the spare diapers and wipes. No picture will be included in this week’s blog because my kids are slobs and I need to vacuum it. That project will be completed on Friday after all of our week of spring break shenanigans. We are headed to the beach next week… but I want a fresh start for our road trip rather than hearing goldfish crunch beneath my kids’ feet. My next project was the spice cabinet. I frequently found myself getting attacked by spices when I grabbed one spice for dinner, so I knew something needed to be done. It wasn’t horrible before, but these containers make it easier to grab the whole bin down, pick out what I need and easily return it without having to rearrange the cabinet every time I need a different spice. It’ll hopefully ease up my dinner-anxiety.

This week I was able to attend Maverick and Max’s field days. I wasn’t too excited about standing with Harvey and Bevy for two hours to watch my kids do relays, but I’m glad I went. I showed up to Maverick’s five minutes late. One of the moms who recognized me, ran up to us to let us know that Maverick had been crying because he thought we weren’t coming. I am so glad I hadn’t changed my mind to come. Maverick has been particularly emotional about things lately, but like I told Andy, he’s also super sensitive to the feelings of others, and I don’t think I could have one without the other, so I’m grateful for my sweet, emotional Maverick.

Max was excited for me to come to his, though he only did four of the many relays. I missed the first one (softball), but he also participated in wheelbarrow racing, fifty-yard dash, and then they participated as a class to play tug-a-war. I can only imagine wheelbarrow racing would be even more challenging as an adult, but they had them in position, with their arms on the ground, their legs in their partners arms for quite some time before they even started. Max did pretty well on the way there when he was the wheel barrow, but when he and his counterpart switched spots, his friend couldn’t manage to hold himself up and face planted, causing Max to stumble right on top of him. Max did really well on the fifty-yard dash, but for some reason was very slow to start. He didn’t even start running till every one else had taken off. Once he started he passed up a lot of kids, so despite his delay I was impressed with his speed. They finished it off with the tug-a-war, where his class took second.

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