Spring Break

Tornadoes, sun, and pottery. We had a lot of plans for spring break, but the only one that went through was on the first day of spring break. We had beautiful sunny weather and went to the lake. One of our friends couldn’t make it due to sick kids, but the other came and brought some more friends, so our kids had plenty of other kids to play with. Despite the water being quite cold and the air not much warmer, the kids were in and out of the water all morning.

Tuesday through Thursday morning were quite rainy with tornado watches and warnings. We spent the entire day on Tuesday playing with the Durrants– alternating between houses. The Durrant boys got to try VR for the first time.

Andy was on a 24 hour shift starting Tuesday and unfortunately only got three interrupted hours of sleep, so he was quite tired, despite this he pushed forward and made it a fun day with the kids. We went to “Artsy Me” a pottery place that our kids love to frequent. They made two plates and Max made a tank. While the kids continued playing with the Durrants I got some steam cleaning done. Once again we were given good weather on Friday and after a much needed gym trip we had a picnic with Dad at his work. The kids enjoyed it even though we only saw him briefly due to one of his patients coding, it was enough to satisfy the kids till they saw him the next morning.

Friday evening was another playdate, this time I let the kids pick friends from school (except Bev, who picked her best friend, Afton, whom she sees nearly every day).

While I forgot to take pictures of the boys (they were busy playing video games with their friends), Afton, Bev and Harvey had a good time making pizza dough and cookies in the kitchen.

Even though we didn’t make it to the zoo or pick strawberries like I had planned, the kids did what they love best. It turned out to be a happy spring break even with the crazy storms that passed through.

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