Our Heartfelt All

Last week, I found myself complaining about a little extra work due to extenuating circumstances in other’s lives that meant they couldn’t do it all at the same time fighting some new virus in our family. I am a firm believer in allowing others to excel or fail at their responsibilities, but these particular individuals had a lot of challenges in their personal lives. Despite that I still found myself complaining. Friday I was informed that my teacher wasn’t going to be able to teach on Sunday because she caught COVID. I don’t mind teaching so I told her I’d take care of it. I planned a lesson and then 9:30 Saturday night Max puked all over the bathroom. I took a COVID test and it was negative, but I’m not convinced. I have had a migraine for four days straight (that thankfully finally subsided). Combined with some rashes on Maverick and Harvey and some upset tummies and a Nextdoor neighbor also fighting COVID I told my presidency that I didn’t think it was wise for me to teach on Sunday. Unfortunately two of the three remaining presidency members also weren’t going to be there. Our secretary stepped up and saved the day and said the lesson went well! I am so grateful that she was willing to step up and fulfill my responsibility (even if it wasn’t mine to begin with) at such short notice without a complaint (at least not in my ears). The lesson, “Our Heartfelt All,” a talk given by President Uchtdorf, humbled me. I realized that though I can fulfill my own calling, when asked to go a little further I murmur and that is not my heartfelt all. While I still feel we should allow people the opportunity to fulfill their own responsibilities, when circumstances go awry then I need to check my attitude at the door and accept the extra work more willingly. The widow gave her all, a little mite. In church today (we watched the broadcast), Sister Walton shared that the first commandment, “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength,” stood out to me. Since I was listening to her read that scripture and not reading that verse the word might transformed in my mind to mite, like the widow’s. I decided to think on the phrase, “What is my mite today.” Each day presents new challenges with kids, so sometimes I can give more and some days I can give less, but what is my mite today? And when I retire in the evening, I want to reflect on that mite and ask myself if I truly gave the Lord my mite. Some may think that is attending meetings or focusing on your calling, and while those are a part of it, truly we give our mite or might as we care for those around us as the Savior would. As we see a need and fulfill it. As we think on the Savior as we go about our mundane day to day tasks. I have been wanting to waste less time and focus on what more I can bring into the world that is uplifting and good. I think this is what it means when Elder Uchtdorf described living the gospel like riding a bike. Once we have mastered it, we don’t have to think about it and it is a part of us moving forward through life.

Meanwhile I’m mostly busy with this guy right here:

And a notable mention, Beverly. Pretty soon I’ll be getting more pics of the boys since we only have 2 and a half days left of school for them!

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