Happy birthday Maverick!

This weekend we got to celebrate Maverick! He’s the big ol’ SEVEN. We’re so happy he is ours. He lights out life up with laughter. He’s got a crazy good imagination, a knack for memorization (spelling words, house numbers, etc.), and love to be goofy. He is so sweet and endearing but will also tell you straight up if you’re slacking in some area. He’s a great middle child and always helps keep things interesting. He still loves green, dinosaurs, and legos, and recently to his dad’s approval, he has developed a deep-seated love for Star Wars. He camped with his dad and brothers Friday evening and partied Saturday. He is such a sweet heart. We truly love this boy.

While they boys were away, the girls played. We went to dinner with some girl friends that live in our neighborhood and their daughters. The little girls had their own table, which they loved… but because we were so busy reminding them to stay in their seats, we forgot to take pictures. We headed to Lindsay Durrant’s home to do pedicures and eat treats.

Most of the time our life is pretty normal. There are temper tantrums, long term potty training, and lots of tired parents. But we really do love these kids and although we seem perpetually exhausted, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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