Happy birthday Harvey

As you can see we had tons of fun celebrating Harvey’s 3rd birthday. He was over the moon to be sung to and to get alllll of the gifts from friends and family. He had a bit of a cough on Monday and his friends couldn’t come Monday evening for a dinner party, so we had birthday dinner Sunday evening, family birthday Monday, and when he went back to school on Wednesday, they celebrated him again!

We love our little Harvey. He is so fun! We call him our little hobbit with that curly hair and big doe-eyed brown eyes. He loves his mama and can’t stand to be more than two feet away, he loves wrestling his daddy, and playing with his siblings. His favorite thing lately is to sing “mommy (or daddy) finger, where are you?” and will repeat himself until we respond and even after we do… He still occasionally likes to snuggle, which we will cherish until he stops. He loves all things animals, including sharks, dinosaurs, safari animals, and farm animals.

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